Careers at Renault

Advanced Apprenticeship Programme - Service Technician

The Renault UK Advanced Apprenticeship Programme has been conceived with the aim of developing high calibre Service Technicians that are needed to support the future growth of the Renault Dealer Network.

Renault requires bright, ambitious and motivated school leavers who can demonstrate the potential to be future Renault Master Technicians. With advanced tuition and state-of-the art facilities, Apprentices will be developed to meet the demanding servicing and repair requirements of existing and future Renault vehicles, whilst enjoying the benefits of full time paid employment at a Renault Dealership.


The Renault UK Advanced Apprenticeship Programme will ensure that Apprentices acquire an all round competence in vehicle maintenance and diagnostics on the Renault brand. As graduates of the programme, Apprentices will qualify as Renault Technicians, and will receive the Advanced Apprenticeship Certificate, which is endorsed by Renault and the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).


In addition successful candidates, who have completed the Renault Advanced Apprenticeship Programme within the last 3 years, can enrol directly onto the Level 3 Renault Senior Technician training course, Level 4 being Renault Master Technician.