With the Kangoo Van Z.E., driving is a very, very different affair. First, there’s the………………………………….silence.
The silence of a 100% electric motor, which gives instant pulling power and acceleration. Then, there’s simplicity. The simplicity of an automatic gearbox, so the Kangoo Van Z.E. is a doddle to drive smoothly (as if you’d do it any other way). And because everything we’ve designed is to make electric the trip of tomorrow, there are two easy ways to charge your vehicle: the Single Wall-Box (home charging solution) and charging solutions at your workplace, or in public areas like supermarket car parks.

British Gas can provide the fastest, safest and most convenient charging options for electric vehicles. Getting dedicated chargers installed is the simple way to make certain that you’re using your electric vehicles as efficiently and effectively as possible.

* Z.E. Ready is a registered trademark of Renault on installed equipment for charging electric vehicles. To have a right to use the brand Z.E. Ready Renault partners must commit to a list of technical specifications and the qualification process ZE Ready and have performed tests of compliance. The current version is Z.E. 1.2 ready. For more information about the standards, the list of approved partners and the process of qualification check lcie.com