Renault Scenic

The Bose® Energy Efficient Series Sound System


The incredible Bose® sound system is custom-designed for the Scénic. It delivers a unique acoustic experience, close to a live performance, to every seat in the house, with deep, resonant bass, crystal clear tones and sparkling trebles. Thanks to ever more compact, lighter components, the Bose® Energy Efficient Series uses less power to create its top-end sounds, no matter what volume you’re listening at.

9 high-performance speakers


Two 2.5-cm neodymium tweeters in the instrument panel. Two 13-cm neodymium speakers in the rear doors.
Two 16.5-cm High Motor Force neodymium woofers in the front doors. One 11.5-cm High Motor Force neodymium woofer in a 6-litre custom-engineered bass enclosure under the right front seat.
Two 2.5-cm neodymium tweeters in the rear doors.


System electronics


Bose Energy Efficient Series amplifier mounted in the instrument panel. Includes Bose digital signal processing, 7 channels of customised equalisation and Bose proprietary Control Circuitry


Each part of the Bose sound system has been carefully engineered to work with the others for better performance. Replacing the factory-installed headunit (i. e. radio-CD/navigation system) or any other sound system component can significantly reduce system performance