Satellite Navigation


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A pioneer in built-in navigation systems, Renault launched its first satellite navigation equipment in 1995.


Since then, successive generations of satellite navigation systems have followed, incorporating the latest technological developments and positioning Renault as the leader in built-in navigation systems available to the general public.


To update or add content to your Carminat TomTom see the latest offers on TomTom HOME





On average, 15 per cent of roads change every year. That’s why map updates are available on TomTom HOME every three months.


If you’re leaving the country, you’ll also find a wide range of maps on TomTom HOME for both individual countries (France, Italy, etc.) and larger regions (Europe, Western Europe, etc.).



  • Positions of over 30,000 speed cameras across Europe
  • Information on fixed speed cameras, red-light cameras, regular locations for mobile speed cameras, average speed checks, and accident black spots
  • Twice weekly location updates via TomTom HOME
  • Flag and share the speed camera positions with over 25 million TomTom users



Select your favourite voice for your Carminat TomTom or Carminat TomTom LIVE device.

Fun and entertaining, they add a touch of variety to otherwise boring journeys.



Map Share ™ technology improves navigation by allowing you to make instant corrections to your map, directly on your device. You can also receive similar corrections made by the entire TomTom community of Map Share users.



New software is available entirely free of charge via TomTom HOME, ensuring you can access the very latest functions.



You can download a host of additional points of interest using TomTom HOME. The service offers a variety of practical, useful POIs, as well as a range created by other users, for leisure stores, camp sites, car dealers and more.



Everyone has their own taste in colours. In fact, different countries have different colour codes for identifying map items such as motorways, minor roads and towns. Now you can choose whichever suits you best.

In addition, you can also customize the icons representing your vehicle and home, and add your own device start-up image.


Satelite Navigation Before 2009