Servicing & Maintenance



Tyres affect your vehicle’s performance, manoeuvrability and also road-holding, suspension and braking. Not to mention fuel economy and comfort. They’re the only link between your vehicle and road, yet often drivers don’t give them much thought. 75% of motorists drive with under-inflated tyres. This uses more fuel and increases the risk of tyres bursting. At Renault, we’ll check your tyres for free, to ensure that they’re correctly inflated. We’ll also check the wear of your tyres and let you know if they need replacing now or in the near future. With fitted prices starting from £39, who better than Renault to take care of your Renault?




The legal limit for car tyre tread depth is 1.6mm (across 75% of the tyre). However, tyre performance, particularly in wet conditions, is dramatically reduced below a tread depth of 3mm. Stopping in the wet from 70mph, cars with 1.6mm of tread could still be doing 40-60mph where the same car with 3mm would have stopped.


Illegal tyres can also be costly, too. There are strict penalties for tyres below the legal tread limit of 1.6mm.


• OE Tyres are designed and approved by Renault

• It can take up to 5 years to engineer a tyre for your Renault

• 30-40 different criteria are used to design a tyre adapted to your Renault, including wear, stopping in the dry, cornering, handling and aquaplaning.

For older vehicles, Motrio tyres offer great value without compromising any of the quality and safety that you would expect from an OE tyre. Motrio tyres offer excellent road-holding, good grip and gradual, even tread wear for high mileage performance, with prices 20-25% lower than the leading brands.


Prices start from just £39*, fully fitted.


*155/70R13 Fuel efficiency ‘E’, Wet Grip ‘C’, and external road noise ‘2’ (70dB)