Renault And Car Safety

Infants 0-12 Months: Baby Safe Plus Isofix

Right from when your baby is born, he or she can go everywhere with you. Like a small protective cocoon, the Babysafe Plus Group 0+ carrier ensures a safe journey for the baby and its parents... and a more peaceful journey.


From birth to about 12 months, each deep carrier seat provides protection for the head and chest thanks to lateral absorption pads. Perfect isothermal protection is provided for your child from heat and cold outside the car. The padded 5 point harness will hold baby safely in place. The ergonomic handle acts as an anti-rebound bar and limits any tilting movement in the event of rear collisions.


For infants under 4 months of age, a pad is provided to give the seat a better fit.
This carrier seat is also fitted with an integrated sun shield, adjustable 7-position head rest and a removable, washable cover.


The Babysafe Plus ISOFIX seat benefits from the advantages of the ISOFIX system; safety and ease of installation. In fact, the seat base enables the Babysafe Plus to be fitted into the car without using the seat belt, with just one click.


The Babysafe Plus car seat can also be used with a three point seat belt.