The Renault brand

The Renault brand

Our passion is helping you, our customers, to live your passion through our products and services.

what makes us different?

Renault factory

Renault Group

A partnership to redefine what's possible in motoring, discover everything to do with Renault Group

our history

A rich history of motoring has brought Renault to where it is today, discover everything Renault has offered the UK up to the present day. 


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We have partnered with a range of initiatives in the UK and across the world, supporting communities and initiatives as well as sporting events and personalities.

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Renault quality

We have been your companion on your daily journeys for over 120 years. The trust you place in us is essential to allow us to move forward.


That's why we are committed to ensuring that all of our vehicles and services meet quality and durability requirements, from design to our dealerships and workshops. Your satisfaction is our priority. 


Renault R-LINK

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From our range of integrated multimedia systems, R-LINK 2 and R-LINK Evolution offer you an intuitive and connected driving experience.

Renault 4CONTROL


Control your vehicle in any conditions thanks to the exclusive 4CONTROL technology for a unique driving experience.


Renault NFT

Become a brand “insider”, an active member of Renault‘s Web3 initiative, an adventurer of a new type of brand experience with Renault NFT

Renault Originals Museum

Take a look at Renault's time machine, dive into our past with the immersive Originals Museum

reducing our impact


Renault Concept Car

We have always been committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products, and all of our new vehicles have been WLTP type-approved since September 2018.

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Our environmental commitment

Renault Captur

Nothing is forever! One day a Renault reaches the end of its service life. Although it is not suitable for daily use any more, it is not worthless and still has a value: every old vehicle contains expensive raw materials that can be recycled into the product cycle again.

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REACH legislation

Renault REACH

We have faithfully worked towards promoting the responsible use of our products and to promote the protection of human health against the risks associated with chemical substances.

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