more than a concept car, an aspiration

Renault Scenic Vision


Renault Scenic Vision is an electric powertrain concept car with hydrogen range extender. In terms of environment, safety and inclusion, it is the embodiment of Renault’s strategic sustainable development commitments.


Focusing on a forward-thinking design and features, Renault Scenic Vision mainly uses recycled and recyclable materials, Taking mobility into a new era.

behind the scenes of the project


H₂-Tech concept carhydrogen electric hybrid

95 %

recyclable including the battery

70 %

recycled materials

24 %

extra visibility


Responsible design

Blending design with efficiency, affordability and environmental sustainability, Renault Scenic Vision explores a whole new way of getting around. Renault Scenic Vision introduces a new rhetoric of generous shapes, with soft and structured curves.


responsible design

95% of the Renault Scenic Vision concept car’s materials, including the battery, are recyclable. 70% of the materials inside this concept car have already been recycled. 100% of the materials inside the vehicle that are in contact with passengers have been recycled.



electric pleasure extended by hydrogen

new generation electric motor

The new generation wound-rotor synchronous electric motor provides 160 kW of power without using rare earth elements. The recyclable, 40 kWh battery, which is made in France, is half the weight, less expensive and more compact than that of an equivalent electric vehicle.

range extender

Complementing the 40 kWh electric battery capacities, the 16 kW fuel cell extends its range. With just one stop of less than 5 minutes to fill up with green hydrogen, you can drive more than 800 km without having to recharge. Your carbon footprint is thus reduced.

drive free of restrictions

No more range restrictions with the hydrogen extender. You can drive taking full advantage of the electric powertrain with instantaneous acceleration, silent driving and no vibrations. The vehicle only discharges water - so no pollution as you drive.


Safety Coach

90% of accidents are caused by human error combined with bad traffic conditions. The Safety Coach assists the driver in order to anticipate high-risk areas and behaviours. Combined with standard onboard safety systems, it helps to reduce accidents by up to 70%.*

*by combining accident risk percentages measured by the customised on-board safety system and percentages from current standard systems. Sce : Renault 2022.

heart rate sensor - Renault Scenic Vision


A heart rate sensor installed in the steering wheel and a camera detect signs of driver fatigue or faintness.

accelerator pedal - Renault Scenic Vision


The pedal vibrates if a hazard is identified to get the driver to take their foot off the pedal.

controlled driving - Renault Scenic Vision


Sensors placed in the car analyse various parameters (accelerations, driving smoothness, lack of attention, speed, and more). In the event of potentially dangerous situations, they get the Safety Coach to intervene.

visibility improved by 24% - Renault Scenic Vision


When the images from the front camera are projected on the dashboard’s transparent display, the bonnet disappears from the driver’s field of vision. Renault Scenic Vision constitutes a real advantage. It provides 24% more front visibility for a safer and unique driving experience.


Sound Experience


The Renault Scenic Vision marks the beginning of a partnership between Renault and internationally renowned musician and sound researcher Jean-Michel Jarre. "The idea is to try in some way to discover what Renault's sound DNA is, to have an identifiable Renault signature".


10 adaptable, intuitive, configurable screens are dedicated to various functions, such as temperature, heart rate, music, multimedia, etc.

seat adjustment/calf rest - Renault Scenic Vision
seat adjustment/calf rest
battery indicator - Renault Scenic Vision
battery indicator
pollution - Renault Scenic Vision
vital functions - Renault Scenic Vision
vital functions
cabin temperature - Renault Scenic Vision
cabin temperature
music - Renault Scenic Vision
video - Renault Scenic Vision
navigation - Renault Scenic Vision
    • ergonomic cockpit

      The responsive cockpit adapts to the driver’s body shape ensuring an optimum driving position. It moves in tandem with the driver’s seat.

    • bye bye to the dashboard
      bye bye to the dashboard

      As a continuation of the windscreen, a transparent screen, split into a driver part and a passenger part, replaces the dashboard.

    • air purifier

      Air vents on the doors diffuse purified air into the passenger compartment.

    • Bubble sound, audio headrest
      Bubble sound, audio headrest

      No need to turn your head or turn around to talk to other passengers. Each headrest has its own loudspeaker, and even its own camera showing its image on the screen!

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95% recyclable: in accordance with European Directive 2005/64/EC on Recycling type-approvals. Following existing recycling channels for
end-of-life parts and materials.

70% recycled materials: ZHCB does not use any raw materials and contains 70% recycled materials sourced from existing recycling channels or future channels under development for 2030+. This is one of the main Circular Design point used in our future vehicles.

First H2-tech concept car: according to a March 2022 internal comparative study, this is the first concept car to feature a 16 kW fuel cell on a
passenger car that extends the range of the 40 kWh electric battery (range extender).