Renault Eco2

Renault launched the Renault eco2 signature to identify its most efficient and economical vehicles.

The signature reflects Renault's aim to inform customers of the environmental progress it has made across the vehicle life cycle in the last 10 years.

A vehicle is given the Renault Eco2 symbol if it:

  • Emits less than 120g/km of CO2 or operates on biofuels (in France), on E85 ethanol or on B30 biodiesel
  • Is manufactured in a plant that has been certified ISO 14001
  • Can be 95% recoverable at the end of its lifecycle (recyclable for other use or as a source of energy) and it includes at least 7% recycled plastics in its plastic mass.

Our Eco2 range

The amount of Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Fund Licence) payable on new cars varies depending on the level of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions produced by the vehicle and the type of fuel used.

Discover the ‘CO2 banding’ and therefore, the amount of Vehicle Excise Duty payable on our Eco2 range.

New diesel cars are cleaner than you might think

Learn all you need to know about new Euro-6 diesel.

Our environmental commitment

End of life vehicles

Nothing is forever! One day a Renault reaches the end of its service life. Although it is not suitable for daily use any more, it is not worthless and still has a value: every old vehicle contains expensive raw materials that can be recycled into the product cycle again.

In line with the requirements of the EC End of Life Vehicle Directive, Renault owners are offered the possibility to dispose of their vehicle at the end of its useful life, free of charge.

The End of Life Vehicle Directive applies to all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with up to nine seats and up to a total permissible weight of 3.5 tonnes.

Free take back is currently available for all vehicles regardless of age as from the 1st January 2007.

As defined in the law, free take back will be offered provided:

The vehicle is delivered to a Renault appointed take back facility

The vehicle contains all its essential components, in particular the engine, transmission, coachwork, wheels or catalytic converter (if originally fitted)

That no waste has been added to the vehicle (for example: household and garden waste, extra tyres etc...)

Renault has selected Ltd to provide free take back to last owners of vehicles of the Renault, Alpine and Dacia brands.

The Cartakeback Network covers all regions of the UK. All take back and treatment facilities operate in conformity with the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) requirements.

Vehicles will be treated to meet the recycling and recovery target of 85 percent by weight from 2006 as set by the End of Life Vehicle Directive.


For more information

For more information on de-pollution and recycling of an ELV or for a guide to your nearest take back facility please see here.

Car battery disposal

In accordance with requirements stipulated in the 2009 Waste Batteries and Accumulators regulation, Renault vehicle owners can now dispose of their waste automotive, portable and Industrial batteries (from electric/hybrid vehicles) free of charge. Renault vehicle owners can either take waste batteries to their nearest Renault dealer or alternatively to their nearest local waste management site.

It is an offence to dispose of waste batteries by landfill or incineration from 1 January 2010.

Renault UK is registered with the UK Government as part of an EU-wide initiative to increase battery collection/recycling and completely prohibit the landfill/incineration of automotive and industrial batteries. Our battery producer registration number is BPRN00438.