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The Renault Zero Emissions range of electric vehicles combines environmental responsibility and driving pleasure.

Charging your electric vehicle is simple!

Discover our solutions for day-to-day charging of your electric vehicle.

Your electric vehicle’s driving range

As with all cars, a number of factors have an impact on your electric vehicle’s energy consumption.

Renault Z.E. speed


The faster you drive, the more energy you need to maintain your speed.

Renault Z.E. driving style


Avoid heavy acceleration and make use of regenerative braking to optimise your driving range.

Renault Z.E. topography


Energy consumption increases when driving uphill, however, energy is recovered when driving downhill.

Renault Z.E.


Temperature, wind and rain all affect energy consumption, with drivers typically experiencing reduced driving range in the winter.

Renault Z.E. vehicle charging


Just like all cars, the driving range is reduced when more weight is added to the vehicle. 

Help me choose?

Unsure if an electric or hybrid vehicle would suit your lifestyle? Use our interactvie video to help you decide which powertrain is right for you?

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