Drive electric with Renault

Drive electric with Renault

Renault E-Tech technology born in F1

E-Tech 100% electric

Renault electric technology

Enjoy zero-emission driving in the Megane E-Tech electric or Scenic E-Tech electric with an 8-year traction battery warranty and My Renault app connected services.

discover 100% electric technology

E-Tech plug-in hybrid

Renault rechargeable hybrid technology

With a plug-in battery and electric motor capable of day to day, zero-emission electric driving and a petrol engine giving the flexibility to drive in electric, hybrid or petrol modes.

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E-Tech full hybrid

Hybrid technology

Enjoy the advantages of full hybrid technology with confident acceleration, reduced fuel costs, lower emissions and a dynamic driving experience.

discover full hybrid technology

our E-Tech 100% electric, E-Tech full hybrid and E-Tech plug-in hybrid vehicles

Using our expertise in electric vehicles, experience in Formula 1 and with the enthusiasm and passion of the engineering, development and control teams, we have developed the innovative E-Tech hybrid powertrain. The best of Renault expertise and know-how in F1 has been used to bring improved performance on our best-selling cars.

  • engine
  • full hybrid
starting from £17,995 *
CLIO evolution TCe 90 [MY25]
*MRRP excluding metallic paint.

Never out of style

  • engine
  • full hybrid
starting from £21,095 *
CAPTUR evolution TCe 90 [MY25]
*Captur evolution and techno MRRP excluding metallic paint. Captur E-Tech engineered MRRP stated includes the cost of the optional metallic paint, to view the MRRP with the included paint colour please view the configurator.

SUV by Renault

  • electric
MEGANE E-Tech 100% electric
starting from £33,995 *
MEGANE E-Tech 100% electric evolution 220 hp comfort range my25
*MRRP excluding metallic paint.

  • full hybrid
starting from £27,095 *
ARKANA evolution E-Tech full hybrid 145 [MY25]
*MRRP excluding metallic paint.

the new hybrid SUV, with a coupe style

  • full hybrid
starting from £34,695 *
AUSTRAL techno E-Tech full hybrid 200hp [MY25]
*MRRP excluding metallic paint.

  • full hybrid
starting from £42,195 *
RAFALE techno esprit Alpine E-Tech full hybrid 200 hp
*MRRP excluding metallic paint.

  • electric
KANGOO E-Tech 100% electric
starting from £34,075 *
KANGOO E-Tech 100% electric ML19 E-Tech advance rc panel van MY24
*Retail price after VAT and PiVG.

Efficient, adaptable and durable

starting from £43,155 *
TRAFIC E-Tech SL30 E-Tech Advance RC Panel Van MY24
*Retail price after VAT and PiVG.