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New to electric?

Let Renault help you make the switch to electric. Wake up fully charged each morning with £500 towards a BP Pulse wallbox^.

Simply plug in and top up your charge when you need it. BP Pulse charges your KANGOO Z.E. with Z.E. 33 battery from flat-to-full in 6 hours.

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Full charge? No problem

Charge your Renault KANGOO Z.E. at home, at work or at a public charging point: it's easy!

Renault KANGOO Z.E. flexi charger

Charge your KANGOO Z.E. in 7 to 10 hours with the standard charging cable provided. Simply plug into a Green'Up™Access socket installed on your premises by a qualified professional.


No domestic charge point available? You can connect to a standard domestic 220 V socket. You can recharge 25 km of driving range in 3 hours and fully charge in 10 to 12 hours.

Renault KANGOO Z.E. Accessories

Charge your KANGOO Z.E.  in 6 to 9 hours depending on the power provided by the Wallbox. ^ 

Pulse can provide the fastest, safest and most convenient charging options for electric vehicles. Getting dedicated chargers installed is the simple way to make certain that you’re using your electric vehicles as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Charging Renault KANGOO Z.E.

At work

A growing number of businesses are installing electric charging points for their employees. Charge your KANGOO Z.E. when you get to work!

Supplied with your KANGOO Z.E., the Green'upTM Access socket is specifically designed to charge your Renault Z.E. electric vehicle. It must be installed by a qualified professional to ensure compliant and safe charging.


On the street, at a public charging point

Service stations, shopping centre car parks...you'll have no problem finding somewhere to charge.

Many different shops offer conveniently located charging points right outside their front door.

Thanks to charge point providers such as POLAR, Ecotricity and Charge You Car, there are over 8000 public charging points around the UK.

Calculate your KANGOO Z.E.'s driving range

Your actual driving range depends on a combination of factors:

Renault KANGOO Z.E. Transported load

Transported load

Differences in load will affect your driving range. Designed with this in mind, KANGOO Z.E. is the ideal solution for "final mile" delivery.

Renault KANGOO Z.E. Weather conditions

Weather conditions

On average, the Z.E. battery offers real life estimates of 124 miles in summer and 75 miles in winter**

Boost your driving range

Optimising the driving range of your KANGOO Z.E. is simple with its easy-to-use technologies.

Power saver

The power saver function, located on the dashboard, tells you when you are consuming or regenerating energy.

ECO mode

When activated, you restrain the engine so you can drive even longer.

Air conditioning/heating scheduling

Activate the heating or air conditioning whilst your Kangoo Z.E. is still charging. The energy used will not be drawn from the battery.

Regenerative braking

The battery charges itself when you take your foot off the accelerator and also when you use the brake pedal.     

Heat pump

The heat pump, which is part of the air conditioning system, heats or cools down the cabin. Acting like reversible air conditioning, it performs both functions while preserving your driving range.

Low-consumption tyres

These tyres have low rolling resistance and help to preserve the driving range without affecting road-holding or braking.

Plan and control the charging process easily

View the driving range and charging status of your KANGOO Z.E. with Z.E. Services!

Renault KANGOO Z.E. Services

Manage your vehicle remotely

With the MY Renault app connected to R-LINK navigation (on subscription), you can schedule and evaluate the charging of each of your vehicles. Receive charge status, time remaining and available driving range alerts on your computer or smartphone. Use it to optimise your budget by scheduling off-peak charging.

Renault KANGOO Z.E. Services

Travel with peace of mind

Z.E. Trip is the ideal travel assistant integrated into R-Link navigation. What does it do? It locates and selects the nearest charging points in just a few seconds.


No charging problems during your journeys with Z.E. Pass! You can connect to all networks in France and in several countries in Europe with a Z.E. Pass card or your mobile phone.


No need for multiple subscriptions with different charging point operators when you use the Z.E. Pass. This service is perfectly suited for businesses by allowing you to manage several vehicles through the same account.

Locate charging points easily

Renault KANGOO Z.E. in detail

* The Wallbox home charger must be installed by an approved professional. 


** The Green'Up™ Access socket must be installed by a qualified professional to guarantee compliance and recharging safety.

These are indicative figures and will vary depending on various factors such as your driving style, driving conditions, temperature, and topography.


*Requires additional purchase of a Type 2 cable


^£500 towards a wall box provided and installed by BP Pulse PLC. Available to retail and RCI business contract hire customers only. Excludes used vehicle orders. Installation must be carried out within 12 months of vehicle delivery date. Installation requirements and exclusions apply: https://bpchargemaster.com/terms-and-conditions-of-sale-olev/


**Why is the range reduced in winter?
Like all batteries, those in Z.E. vehicles are less efficient in cold weather than at warmer ambient temperatures. This means that you can expect a reduction in the range of your Renault Z.E. in the winter. Also, in winter you are more likely to use the heating, which means KANGOO Z.E. consumes more energy.


† Less than £5 full recharge costbased on 6 hours of 14.4p per kW (Source: UK Power) Full recharge of the 33 kWh battery (1) For illustration purposes only, may not reflect real-life journeys.

Or have you considered:

Starting from £57,880 *
MASTER Z.E. FWD SL31 i Z.E. Business MY19
*Retail price after VAT and PiVG
Starting from £17,150 *
KANGOO ML19 ENERGY dCi 80 Business MY19
*Basic price excluding VAT
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