your charging solutionsRenault 5 E-Tech 100% electric

home charging

It's easy to recharge your Renault 5 E Tech 100% electric vehicle at home using a charging point, a reinforced socket or a standard socket.

fast charging on the motorway

A 30 minute charge during your journey will increase your range from 15% to 80%, using a DC rapid charging point with a power rating of at least 100 kW. ⁽ ¹ ⁾

public charging

With almost 90% of charging points in Europe rated at 22kW or less , there's always a charging solution nearby .

charge Renault 5 on the move

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charge anywhere, with or without a card

Mobilize Charge Pass lets you take advantage of special rates on Europe's extensive recharging network: 25,000 charging points in the UK and 500,000 across Europe. Locate the nearest available charge point , and see the price, charging power and type of socket. Follow the indicated route, and when you get there you don't need a map just plug in using Mobilize Plug & Charge technology (for compatible charge points ).

cables and equipment

The city car comes with a type 2 Cable that can be used on home, company and public charging points, so you can charge in any situation. Other cables are available as options.

need further information?

Charging time may vary depending on charging conditions, including charger type and condition, on-site power usage, battery temperature as well as ambient temperature at point of use, battery age and state of charge, and if battery safeguarding technology is activated. Visit MyRenault for coverage details.


1Figures quoted are for a new Renault 5 techno with a standard 100kW charger. Indicated rapid charging time requires use of a 100kw DC charger, available only on public charger network - visit MyRenault for coverage details.