solarbay® panoramic roof¹Renault Scenic

The solarbay innovative glass panoramic roof darkens and lightens - partially or fully - on demand. Control it using a button or with Google voice control*. Thermal comfort and brightness come summer or winter.

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solarbay, easy to use

4 opacity modes available

solarbay is voice activated via Google Assistant* or using a button located on Scenic E-Tech 100% electric’s ceiling. Four possible opacity modes for customised comfort. Even when the roof is opaque you can still enjoy natural light.

solarbay - Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
fully opaque roof
solarbay - Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
opaque roof at the back
solarbay - Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
opaque roof at the front
solarbay - Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
fully transparent roof

cutting-edge technology

Scenic solarbay

innovative tech packed into 1 m²

solarbay is the result of joint development by Renault and Saint-Gobain. It is based on Saint-Gobain Sekurit’s AmpliSky® full electronic system. This technology uses a PDLC* film between two glass plates charged with an electric current that changes the alignment of the liquid crystals. This design therefore shaves 30 millimetres off vehicle height, which helps to improve Scenic E-Tech 100% electric’s aerodynamics and driving range.


Only Renault currently offers such a “smart” roof, lightening and darkening from multiple directions, in a gradual wave.


*liquid crystals dispersed in a polymer

¹Solarbay available on iconic versions only.


*Google, Google Play, Android Auto, Google Maps and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.