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ZOE illuminated door sills

Illuminated door sills

An elegant and modern touch every time you open the door of your ZOE Van. These illuminated door sills also protect your vehicle‘s doors from damage. 

CAPTUR shark-fin aerial

Shark antenna

Add a sporty touch with the shark antenna, perfectly integrated into the shape of your ZOE Van. Compatible with digital audio broadcasts (DAB). 


Want to customise your All-New ZOE Van?

Discover our range of accessories.

ZOE cable storage

Domestic charging cable

For use in the absence of a Wall-Box or public charging point, ZOE Van can be charged using the domestic charging cable from a 3 pin domestic plug.

Length: 6.5m & Maximum Current: 10A.

ZOE Premium textile floor mats

Bodywork protection film

Take complete care of your ZOE Van. Protects against scratches to keep your car looking as good as new. Available in a full car protection film pack or in smaller
packs to cover separate sections of the vehicle.

All-New Renault ZOE Van in detail

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