Renault ZOE electric city car

dimensions & specifications

Discover the dimensions of Zoe E-Tech electric

Will the Zoe E-Tech electric fit in your garage? Length, height, width, etc. discover its dimensions in detail.

All-new ZOE dimensions profile
All-new ZOE dimensions front end
All-new ZOE dimensions

Zoe E-Tech electric motors

100% electric, 100% fun, 0% emissions

GT Line
GT Line
Rivieria Limited Edition
Rivieria Limited Edition

Electric (3)

R110starting from
£27,595 *
R110 Rapid Chargestarting from
£30,095 *
R135 Rapid Chargestarting from
£30,595 *
starting from
£32,095 *
starting from
£32,295 *

*MRRP excluding metallic paint, except for Zoe Riviera. Price after Plug In Car Grant (£2,500)

electric innovation

  • Renault ZOE - Engine

R135 and R110 motors

2 levels of motor

R135 motor


Equipped with the new 100 kW motor, Zoe E-Tech electric offers you even greater performance and more fun! Its 135 hp horsepower and 245Nm of torque allow you to enjoy instant and smooth acceleration, great for motorways.


R110 motor 


Delivering power of 80 kW (108 hp) and a torque of 225 Nm, the R110 motor provides you with a great driving experience and is perfect for around town.

  • Renault ZOE blue rear

B Mode

Preserve your driving range and enjoy one pedal driving

When you activate B mode with a simple press on the gear lever,  Zoe E-Tech electric decelerates more as soon as you release the accelerator. This reduces your use of the brake pedal and allows you to enjoy a smoother, more relaxing drive, all whilst feeding energy back into your battery!

  • Renault ZOE - E-Shifter gear lever

"E-Shifter" electronic gear lever

From one mode to the other with a single switch

Forget about mechanical levers! With the "E-Shifter" electronic gear selector, a simple press of the button is enough to switch from B mode to D mode and vice-versa or to enter into reverse. The selected driving mode is then displayed on the console as well as on the 10" driver's screen.

detailed specifications

Zoe E-Tech electric technical specifications

  • ZOE Play
  • ZOE undefined

Renault Zoe E-Tech electric in detail

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