advantages of purchasing an E-TECH full Hybrid

Help the environment while lowering taxes and saving money. Discover everything you need to know to purchase a full hybrid vehicle.

Is there an economic incentive for driving a full hybrid car?

save money with hybrid cars

all kinds of savings!

In addition to saving money as a result of lower fuel consumption, maintenance costs are also reduced.

The electric engine has fewer parts than the combustion engine and requires less frequent maintenance. For hybrid cars, wear and tear are reduced due to alternating between the combustion and electric engines, resulting in fewer oil changes and less overall maintenance, which means more money in your wallet!

does a full hybrid consume less than an internal combustion vehicle?

Hybrid car consumption

full hybrid: combustion-assisted electric driving

Renault hybrid vehicles have been developed as electric vehicles with combustion assistance.

They offer three types of traction: electric, hybrid and combustion traction. Electric traction uses less fuel, thus reducing your fuel consumption significantly while enabling you to travel longer distances.

Generally speaking, you can expect a 40% reduction in fuel consumption compared to a similar petrol engine.

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