Renault combustion engines

Discover the improvements made to our diesel and petrol engines that reduce particle emissions while you drive.

Diesel BLUE dCi


Conversion technology
To reduce emissions, the new diesel Blue dCi engines are equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. This technology injects ammonia (NH3) from AdBlue® into the exhaust catalyst. It works by converting the nitrogen oxides into non-polluting gases. 


Driving comfort maintained
The Selective Catalytic Reduction system offers you fresh enjoyment no matter the driving conditions, without affecting the Blue dCi engine’s power. Enjoy cleaner driving without compromising on performance.

Simpler, cleaner technology
 Keep an eye on things at all times with help from the AdBlue® tank sensors. Your car reminds you in real-time when it is time for a refill. The advantage? AdBlue® is available at most service stations!

Choose peace of mind
Drive with total peace of mind thanks to the 15 to 20-litre AdBlue® tanks. A tank of AdBlue® - depending on its size - provides its advantages for up to 6 to 8 full tanks of diesel!

Renault particulate filter


The new petrol engine by Renault...
Cut your particle emissions with the new TCe PPF direct-injection petrol engines. They now incorporate a particle filter (PPF) in their exhaust lines to clean particles from exhaust fumes. This technology traps particles in a microporous honeycomb structure, then regularly burns them with automatic regeneration. Help make the world a healthier place!

... healthier, and with less maintenance!
No maintenance required for the particle filter! Through its regeneration process, all the different particles found in exhaust gases are chemically converted into carbon dioxide and other harmless gases in a continuous process, making it maintenance-free.

Exactly the same handling...
Enjoy the same great driving experience! The particle filter is perfectly located in the exhaust line to treat particles effectively without compromising on comfort.

... without increasing fuel consumption.
Keep control over your fuel consumption in the same way. The new particulate filter technology has zero impact on your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions so nothing changes in how you monitor your levels. 

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