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Lease purchase

Renault Lease purchase

Who is lease purchase for?

Lease-Purchase is a Hire Purchase agreement, offering you the option to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement. It offers fixed repayments and fixed interest payable on the purchase price less the deposit. In addition, you have the ability to defer a proportion of the vehicle's cost to a final balloon payment at the end of the agreement. This will result in lower monthly payments than Hire Purchase and could, therefore, improve your cash flow.


Step 1.

You tell us how much deposit you would like to pay.

Balance to fund

Step 2.

Your salesperson will calculate your monthly payment based on the remaining amount to be financed, the agreed contract period and the agreed balloon payment to be paid at the end of the agreement.

Balloon payment

Step 3.

Making a balloon payment at the end of your agreement allows to reduce the monthly payments during the agreement. When the balloon is paid, ownership of the vehicle is transferred to you.
Renault Lease purchase

The benefits of Renault Lease Purchase

  • Simple and quick to put in place.
  • You retain ownership of the vehicle.
  • You are not tied to mileage restrictions.
  • You have fixed repayments and fixed interest to control your costs.
  • Same tax benefits as Hire Purchase (see Hire Purchase section for more details).

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