MEGANE Sport Tourer E-TECH Plug-in - rechargeable hybrid



No longer available as a new car

Renault MEGANE SPORT TOURER is now no longer for sale new, but you can search our used vehicles or find out how to use your current Renault MEGANE SPORT TOURER.

new Megane Sport Tourer is now available as a plug-in hybrid

Efficient and dynamic. Combining two electric motors, a 9.8 kWh battery and a 1.6L petrol engine, it delivers 160 hp, 217.3 mpg and 30 miles of EV only range, allowing for day-to-day electric driving.


Charge every day at home with a home wallbox, at work or at one of the 1,000s of public charging point; generating zero tailpipe emissions for the majority of journeys. On longer trips, New Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech hybrid will run on both the petrol engine and electric motors, offering outstanding flexibility.


new Megane Sport Tourer has so much to offer in addition to being a plug-in hybrid!

A sleek silhouette, comfortable interior, modular boot space. The new Megane Sport Tourer plug-in hybrid features the best of the Megane Sport Tourer with all the advantages of a Plug-In Hybrid.

Renault MEGANE Sport Tourer - MULTI-SENSE rechargeable hybrid

Choose between 3 driving modes. In Pure mode, choose to drive 100% electric with zero-emissions-in-use up to the national speed limit. Choose MySense or Sport mode to take advantage of the E-SAVE function always ensuring a minimum 40% battery charge. Stay comfortable with the latest on-board equipment, from setting the dual-zone climate control to choose the ideal temperature, to adjusting the ambient lighting to suit your mood.

Renault MEGANE Sport Tourer E-TECH - EASY LINK multimedia system

Display charging station locations on the map and easily program your battery’s charging directly on your EASY LINK 9.3” touchscreen. From your customisable 10.2” driver’s screen, manage your battery level and easily find our innovative driver assistance systems and navigation information.

Renault MEGANE Sport Tourer E-TECH - hybrid driver’s screen

Driving is easier in the town or in slow-moving traffic with B Mode. Switch to B Mode to increase engine braking and allow for a one-pedal driving experience, meaning less brake pedal use, a more relaxing drive and better still, help preserve or even increase your battery range!

Renault MEGANE Sport Tourer E-TECH - My Renault

Log in to your MY Renault app to monitor your battery level, programme charging, or to pre-heat the passenger compartment of your MEGANE Sport Tourer E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid to the optimum temperature from your smartphone.

Coming soon

Megane E-Tech 100% Electric

with a compact footprint and high-tech lights, the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric leads the way with its elegant design

MEGANE R.S. Line saloon exterior

a child of technology

Sporting Renault's new ‘Nouvel'R’ logo, the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric personifies the brand's transformation: it symbolises how the core of the market is being revolutionised, represents a gigantic leap forward in all aspects, and is exciting to see and to drive each and every time. It proudly stands as a uniquely technological car with the interior adorned by its crowning jewel, the OpenR screen that brings together the instrument panel and multimedia interface all within the same unit. 

discover Megane E-Tech 100% Electric


new Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech plug-in hybrid: rechargeable hybrid

Built on our motorsport experience and expertise in Renault electric vehicles, our experts have unveiled a hybrid solution for everyone.

Renault MEGANE Sport Tourer rechargeable hybrid


3-pin socket cable^: this cable comes as standard and can be plugged to a domestic 3-pin socket. Length: 6.5m & maximum current: 10A. Charging time: up to 4h15.

Type 2 (mode 3): also comes as standard, this is the cable you would need to use if you install a dedicated charger at home. Length: 6m. Charging capacity: 3.7 kW. Charging time: 3h.


*Charging time depends on temperature, battery wear, power delivered by the station and battery charge level.

^Estimated charging time on a UK 3-pin domestic socket with 230V and 13A.

Renault MEGANE Sport Tourer rechargeable hybrid

Adapted to your lifestyle

Choose your driving mode to your preference with the Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech plug-in hybrid. With its two electric motors, you can roam the city in full-electric mode, then switch to hybrid for your weekend getaway. A solution for all your journeys.

Renault MEGANE Sport Tourer rechargeable hybrid

8 Year battery warranty*

For added reassurance and peace of mind, the traction battery on the New Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech plug-in hybrid comes with an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty, giving you confidence in our technology and on the road.


*8 year/100,000 mile traction battery warranty (whichever is reached first). For full Warranty Terms and Conditions please click here.

WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedures): this new protocol obtains results that more closely reflect your actual everyday use than those produced by the NEDC protocol.

(1) in WLTP mixed cycle (subject to final approval)


BP Chargemaster


The easiest way to charge your MEGANE Sport Tourer Plug-in-hybrid is at home…

Installing a home wallbox is the most convenient and most probably the cheapest way to charge your Megane Sport Tourer plug-in hybrid.

A 7kW home wallbox will charge a Megane Sport Tourer plug-in hybrid in approximately 3 hours. Go to bed and wake up fully charged each morning, simply plug in and let your Megane Sport Tourer plug-in hybrid recharge whilst you do the same!  


Government Charging Grants^
Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme
MEGANE Sport Tourer Plug-in-hybrid qualifies for the EVHS grant which provides 75% up to a maximum of £350 towards the cost of a home wallbox installation.


Workplace Charging Scheme
If you are requiring an install at your business, Megane Sport Tourer plug-in hybrid qualifies for the WCS grant which provides 75% up to a maximum of £350 towards the cost of a wallbox (for up to 40 sockets). 


How to choose a wallbox supplier? 
To ensure the wallbox you choose is fully compatible with your Renault, we would recommend ensuring the wallbox and installer you use is certified by Renault as Z.E Ready. Your Renault dealership will be able to check this for you. 

Find out more by viewing our Home Charging Guide below. 

learn moreview our Home Charging Guide

driving is easy, just like an automatic

Starting off

Always in electric mode


The Megane Sport Tourer plug-in hybrid makes no noise when you start it. It uses the main electric motor to start in full electric mode; improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and maximising driving comfort.

Electric drive

Zero-emission drive


Use it like an electric car for day-to-day trips to reduce the running costs and enjoy the pleasure of electric drive.

Hybrid drive

The best of both worlds


On the occasional long journeys, the electric motors and the petrol engine work together to maximise fuel economy. The vehicle will always choose the optimal mode to maximise fuel efficiency.

Deceleration / braking

Energy recovery


Just like on a Formula 1® car, the system will capture energy through regenerative braking to help recharge your battery. This boost increases when you select the B Mode on the gear selector.


Always in electric mode


Reversing is always in full electric mode to further improve fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions.