solarbay® panoramic glass roofRenault Rafale

The solarbay® darkening panoramic glass roof in Renault Rafale measures 1 m² and darkens and lightens on demand. Vary the light levels and adjust for thermal comfort using a button on the overhead console or voice command through Google Assistant¹. It darkens fully when the vehicle is locked and when you return it automatically reverts to its previous setting.

Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - solarbay panoramic glass roof

how does solarbay® work?

4 darkening settings

All light, all dark, dimmed only at the rear, or dimmed only at the front. To control solarbay® with Google Assistant¹, say “Hey Google, open/close solarbay” or “Hey Google, open/close solarbay at the front/rear”. Even when the roof is darkened, you can still enjoy natural light.

solarbay - Rafale E-Tech full hybrid
all dark roof
solarbay - Rafale E-Tech full hybrid
dark roof at the back
solarbay - Rafale E-Tech full hybrid
dark roof at the front
solarbay - Rafale E-Tech full hybrid
fully transparent roof

cutting-edge technology

Rafale E-Tech hybrid - solarbay

innovative tech packed into 1 m²

solarbay® is the result of joint development by Renault Group and Saint-Gobain. Using AmpliSky technology its system uses layers and PDLC* film sandwiched in the glass that react to an electric current. Saint-Gobain provides the glass roof and electronic system.


*Polymer Dispersed Liquid Cristal

1 Google, Google Play, Android Auto and Google Maps, Waze are Google LLC trademarks. 


Solarbay available on iconic esprit alpine version.