Connected services and embedded applications

Below, you will find details regarding the processing of your personal data for each connected service available in Renault vehicles, whether standard or optional, which may vary based on your profile, vehicle model, version, and/or features.

Only connected services are described on this page. For other processing of your personal data, please refer to the Group Privacy Policy.

remote control pack

Renault Connect

Depending on the version, model and characteristics of the vehicle, the remote control pack offers several functions:

  • via My Renault app on your smartphone, you can find information about the vehicle, in particular total mileage, vehicle location, range in miles and, for electric vehicles, battery charge level, car connection status, charging history and the vehicle’s reachable zone based on the state of charge of the vehicle’s battery;
  • to control the vehicle remotely from My Renault app: for electric vehicles, start, program or defer charging remotely, or start the heating or air conditioning remotely to precondition the vehicle;
  • for electric vehicles, prepare an optimal route by finding charging stations along the way.

remote dashboard

connected assistance

Renault Zoe

electric vehicle connected services

From the My Renault application, you can consult and manage your vehicle’s charging status, as well as many other services:

  • Route planner for electric driving (planning of a long journey in an electric vehicle and navigation via Google Maps) and display of the accessible range;
  • Location and availability of charging stations in real time;
  • Charging status and driving range; Programming vehicle charging remotely; 
  • Starting and programming the heating and air conditioning (pre-conditioning) remotely (immediately or at a scheduled time)

Some of these features can also be activated from the car’s multimedia system:

  • Location and availability of charging stations in real time; 
  • Programming vehicle charging; 
  • Programming heating and air conditioning (immediately or at a scheduled time)

automatic updates

associated connected services

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