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11 May 2020

  • Reanult Megane RS Trophy-R Esteban Ocon

Punch the words ‘Renault Sport’ into your search engine and all sorts of wondrous things come up – here are a few of our favourites this past month.

Ragnotti rags it!


The ingredients couldn’t be more perfect: legendary Renault rally driver Jean Ragnotti, the bellowing Maxi Mégane of the mid-90s and the sound echoing off the cliff faces of a French mountain rally stage (St Cézaire to Mons).


Wild horses cannot drag us away from watching THIS CLIP once we’ve started – the in-car footage is superb, the speed is insane and ‘Jeanno’ is at his brilliant best.


Total commitment, millimetre-perfect precision, an artist’s instinct – and total and utter faith in what the co-driver is saying!


The only thing we cannot quite figure out is which version of the Maxi Mégane this is – note Ragnotti is using an H-shift gearchange as opposed to the ‘push-pull’ sequential boxes which had become the norm back then.


At a guess, this is an unfinished interim version of the car being shaken down on a local event.

  • Renault Esport

I’m dreaming of a 5 Turbo


Type #renaultsport into Instagram and all sorts of weird and wonderful images come up.


One that caught our eye was this lovely piece of artwork with a young child holding a Renault 5 toy car and dreamily gazing into the local dealership’s window at a 5 Turbo race/rally car.


Translated, the post, by i.goart, reads: “If I remember correctly, childhood was to feel like what you couldn’t get…”


We couldn’t have put it better! The 5 Turbo remains one of the iconic cars of the 1980s and is certainly on the wish list of any Renault Sport enthusiast.


A good one today will command a price tag of around… well, we’ve been spotting them at close to £100,000, although lesser versions can be discovered nearer the £20k mark.

  • Alt Image C29

GT racing & pigs feet!

Renault Sport’s Team Vitality eSports racing team recently produced its own online show and there was plenty to keep R.S. enthusiasts entertained.


Chiefly the Renault Vitality GT Show included two virtual races for its spectacular R.S.01 and Mégane V6 Trophy GT machines around the Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) and Red Bull Ring (Austria) Formula 1 circuit, but there were some fun interludes as well…


Renault DP World F1 ace Esteban Ocon and Renault Academy driver Hadrien David took part in both races against a grid of top sim racers. CLICK HERE to see what happened and in fact to see the whole two and a half-hour show.


The broadcast also included a short film involving Ocon’s team-mate Daniel Ricciardo sampling world-class French cuisine including a pig’s foot, frog’s legs and snails at the Michelin 3-star Guy Savoy Restaurant in Paris. The dishes are served by Guy Savoy himself.


This was later followed by a second video – the R.S. Spirit Challenge – in which the Academy’s British driver Max Fewtrell is joined by others including Vitality athletes behind the wheel of the latest generation Mégane R.S. 280. The goal is simple: complete an obstacle course the fastest!

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