Renault - MEGANE R.S.




Add a new dimension

Customise your MEGANE R.S. to suit your tastes, thanks to our range of accessories.

Renault - MEGANE R.S. - Accessories

Door mirror shells – chrome finish

Add a touch of style and personality to your vehicle. Make it even more elegant with the chrome finish.

Renault - MEGANE R.S. - Accessories

R.S. valve caps

Protect your tyre valves from dirt with these caps. Bearing the Renault Sport logo, they ensure optimum tyre pressure.

Renault - MEGANE R.S. - Accessories

Shark fin antenna

Add a touch of elegance with this aerial, perfectly integrated into the shape of your vehicle. Compatible with digital audio broadcasting (DAB).

Renault - MEGANE R.S. - Accessories

R.S. body protective cover

Provide effective protection for your vehicle’s bodywork against scratches. Renault Sport signature.


Want to customise your New MEGANE R.S. ?

Customise your New MEGANE R.S. with our range of accessories to suit your tastes. 

Renault - MEGANE R.S. - Accessories

R.S. keyless entry card holder

Renault - MEGANE R.S. - Accessories

R.S. sport camera mount

Racing fan? Take your Sport camera with you in the car. Attach it to the windscreen using the suction cups. Capture your trips on film and take breath-taking shots.

Renault - MEGANE R.S. - Accessories

R.S. textile floor mat

Exclusive range made to match your finish with distinctive Renault Sport markings.

Renault - MEGANE R.S. - Accessories

Magnetic holder for smartphone

New MEGANE R.S. in detail


    Or have you considered:

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    starting from
    starting from £20,300 *
    CAPTUR SE Limited TCe 90 MY21.5
    *MRRP excluding metallic paint.

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