Approved parts

Original Equipment (OE) parts are factory original Renault car and van parts. All OE parts are purpose-built to meet the exact specifications of Renault vehicles, meaning you are guaranteed a fit first time. This can save you valuable time.

  • 1 year unlimited mileage warranty
  • Guaranteed first-time fit
  • High stock level ensuring continuous availability

Service exchange

Offers a broad range of Renault approved remanufactured parts at attractive prices.

For those customers who still demand approved part quality on older vehicles, Renault Service Exchange offers an attractive and cost-effective alternative.


Suitable for use on older Renault or all other makes of vehicles.

Motrio offers a competitively priced range of consumables, wear and tear and mechanical products which are easy to fit and very durable, with the same level of quality manufacturing you would expect from Renault.