Type of charger Where to use it Power required Charging times
0 to 100%
(3-pin plug cable)*
Home / Office  2.3kW/10A 17 hours
  Home / Office  3.3kW/14A 12 hours
Wallbox /
Public charging point
Home / Office / On the go 3.7kW 11 hours
  Home / Office / On the go 7kW 6 hours
Public charging point On the go 22kW
6 hours
  On the go 43kW 6 hours

These are indicative figures and will vary depending on various factors such as your driving style, driving conditions, temperature and topography.

*Requires additional purchase of a Type 2 cable

†Less than 2p/mile based upon a £2.50 full recharge cost, calculated by (a) overnight electricity charges (EDF Energy ‘Simply Fixed August 2018’ rates for payment via monthly Direct Debit as of September 2017), (b) a full recharge of the 33kWh battery and (c) 124 miles on one charge

**Homologated range according to NEDC test cycle, for comparison purposes, 170 miles, real world range will vary according to various factors including driving conditions, driving style, temperature and topography but is likely to be between 75 miles in winter conditions and 124 miles in temperate conditions