Type of charger Where to use it Power required Charging times
0 to 100%
(3-pin plug cable)*
Home / Office  2.3kW/10A 17 hours
  Home / Office  3.3kW/14A 12 hours
Wallbox /
Public charging point
Home / Office / On the go 3.7kW 11 hours
  Home / Office / On the go 7kW 6 hours
Public charging point On the go 22kW
6 hours
  On the go 43kW 6 hours

These are indicative figures and will vary depending on various factors such as your driving style, driving conditions, temperature and topography.

*Requires additional purchase of a Type 2 cable

†Less than 2p/mile based upon a £2.50 full recharge cost, calculated by (a) overnight electricity charges (EDF Energy ‘Simply Fixed August 2018’ rates for payment via monthly Direct Debit as of September 2017), (b) a full recharge of the 33kWh battery and (c) 124 miles on one charge.