Discover Range Optimizer: a selection of technologies to optimise your driving range

1) Regenerative braking

Slow down, charge up! To optimise the driving range of your Renault ZOE, our engineers have broken new ground by developing a system that can recover energy lost when decelerating and braking. The battery charges itself when you take your foot off the accelerator and also when you use the brake pedal.

2) Heat Pump

Do you want air conditioning or heating without using up too much of your Renault ZOE's battery? With the Range Optimizer heat pump, you can! It is reversible, protects your driving range and provides 2 functions: cooling the passenger compartment, based on the principle of traditional, modern air conditioning, or producing heat by using the calories in the outside air. Smart!

3) Michelin Energy™ E-V Tyres

Make the most of the ultra low rolling resistance of the very first range of MICHELIN tyres designed exclusively for electric vehicles. All without affecting the braking capacity or road holding of your Renault ZOE.

Take advantage of an intelligent charger

4) Chameleon charger™

By always charging at maximum power available, the Chameleon Charger™ greatly reduces charging times, allowing you to recharge significant driving range in a short time^. 

^Depending on the motor. R90 charges 0-80% in 1 h 40 mins on 43 kW chargers, whereas Q90 only takes 65 minutes.

Enjoy facilities before you set off

5) Pre-conditioning^

The pre-heating system in the passenger compartment lets you programme the heating or air conditioning to come on when your Renault ZOE is still on charge. With this function, the energy used for thermal comfort is not drained from the battery.