Dimensions guide (mm)
A Wheelbase 2,588
B Overall length 4,084
C Front overhang 839
D Rear overhang 657
E Front track 1,511
F Rear track 1,510
G Overall width on moulding strips/with wing mirrors 1,730/1,945
H/H1 Unladen height/Unladen heigh with tailgate open 1,562/ 2,028
J Unladen boot sill height 724
K Ground clearance, laden 120
L Cabin length 1,678
M/M1 Front elbow width/Rear elbow width 1,384/1,390
N/N1 Front shoulder width/ Rear shoulder width 1,365/1,320
P Front headroom at 14° 904
Q Rear headroon at 14° 826
Y/Y1/Y2 Maximum boot entry width/lower boot entry width/Interior width between wheel arches 941/899/1,037
Z/Z1/Z2/Z3 Boot opening height/Maximum loading length with rear bench seat folded/Height under shelf/Length of load behind seats 685/1,426/622/580