with instant torque

7.4 sec

0-62 mph


driving range (WLTP)

The revolutionary new CMF-EV platform is fitted with a 60 kWh ultra-slim battery. Optimised weight distribution, a longer wheelbase and a low centre of gravity give the car greater agility and more space on board.

All-new Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - interior, dashboard, multimedia screen
    • Vocal assistant

      Say "Hey Google..." to plan a trip, find a charging station, switch driving modes, or turn up the heat. Integrated into the new openR with Google built-in, the voice assistant is ready to help.

    • Bring your apps on board with you

      Your Google account follows you on board. Check your messages, music and favourite apps. GoogleMaps is automatically and continuously updated to make your journey easier.

    • Full immersion

      One of the largest on-board digital spaces, with a surface area of 774 cm2 spread over two 12" screens. It offers an exclusively immersive experience equipped with the openR link with Google built-in multimedia system and the new generation openR dashboard with optimised colours.

    • Unlimited customisation

      OpenR link with Googlebuilt-in saves and stores your preferred seating, ambience, driving and journey settings. Your smart car recognises you, and adapts to your preferences.

    • Intuitive navigation

      Roadblocks, new one-way streets, temporary detours, traffic updates, no more nasty surprises. Updated in real time with Google Maps, the GPS system ensures accurate driving, even if you lose network connection


Its SUV-like front end and compact saloon body give it an exceptional look. The signature full LED front light, 3D iridescent band at the rear, gold chrome accents and black starburst roof reveal a completely original design.

All-new Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - front end
front end
All-new Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - compact body
compact body
All-new Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - new front full lighting signature
new signature front lighting
All-new Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - new rear full lighting signature
new rear full lighting signature
All-new Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - new Renault logo
new Renault logo
All-new Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - new badge
new badge
All-new Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - interior

ergonomic and spacious

Megane E-Tech 100% electric's exclusive platform features a completely flat floor. Extra space is freed up due to the widened structure and new openR dashboard.

Harman Kardon sound design

With high-fidelity sound by the new Harman Kardon audio system, sound spatialisation technology and a range of ambiences (natural, live, club or lounge), the whole experience engages all the senses to give you an intense journey.

Modular design and storage

Induction charger induction at the front, USB-C port at the rear, central storage compartment. Megane E-Tech 100% electric perfects life on board.

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