The Renault Group


- Three Brands: Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors


- Renault is now present in 118 countries


- 2.5 million group vehicle sales worldwide (Year 2012)


- A commercial network made up of 13,000 sites (wholly owned Renault outlets, dealers and agents)


- 50% of group sales are made outside Western Europe (2012)


- 5 Largest Group Markets: France, Brazil, Russia, Germany and Argentina (Year 2012)


- €41,270 million group revenue for the year 2012 (Car sales and financing)


- A workforce of 127,086 employees (as of December 31st 2012)


- 100% of Renault industrial sites as ISO 14001 certified


- Renault has been the leading LCV brand in Europe for more than ten years