TCE 100 Genuine punch

The 1.2 litre TCe (Turbo Controlled Efficiency) 100 was launched two years ago and has emerged as a pioneer in its class. Engineered for driving pleasure it combines the fuel consumption of an engine of its size, with the power of 1.4-litre block and the torque of a 1.6-litre power plant


Developed from the 1.2 16V 75hp block, the new TCe 100 engine is equipped with a low inertia turbo that ensures minimal lag thanks to its small diameter turbine and compressor.


The marriage of a small cubic capacity and a low inertia turbo ensures lively response from low revs, while maximum torque is available from low speeds and remains available across a broad rev-band. The turbocharger includes an "overpower" feature, which temporarily boosts power output in 2nd, 3rd, 4th gears at engine speeds of more than 4,500rpm (5hp extra torque).

Fuel efficient


With a cubic capacity of 1,149cc, this small engine enables Twingo, Modus and Clio to claim record combined cycle fuel consumption of 5.9 litres/100km (47.8 mpg), a figure to which its low idling speed of 650rpm contributes. Powered by this engine, the Clio boasts the lowest CO2 emissions of its class (i.e 100 hp pertrol engines), namely 137g/km.


Respect for the environment


With CO2 emissions homologated at 140g/km, the TCe 100 engine contributed to the commitment made by Renault to achieve average CO2 emissions for its range of 140g/km by 2008. This engine was also a response to the anticipated revival in interest for petrol engines compared with small diesels when the Euro5 standard came into effect in Europe.