Renault takes the safety of its passengers as a number one priority. For this reason, Renault has aligned itself with road safety measures to help drivers avoid talking on a hand-held mobile telephone whilst driving.


The hands-free Bluetooth® system makes the following functions possible without having to handle your phone:


  • Pair up to 5 phones
  • Send / receive / suspend a call
  • Transfer the list of contacts from the phone memory and SIM card (depending on the phone)
  • Access the call logs for calls which have come through the system
  • Edit the vehicle phone memory
  • Dial voicemail
  • Dial emergency numbers


Your hands-free phone system is only intended to facilitate communication by reducing the risk factors, without removing them completely. You must always comply with the laws of the country in which you are travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pairing and connections

Why does my telephone not reconnect to the system when the vehicle is started?

In order for your telephone to automatically connect when the vehicle is started, it may be necessary to activate the automatic Bluetooth connection function on your telephone with the hands-free kit. For details on how to do this, please refer to the instructions manual for your telephone.


Upon reconnection and if there are several telephones paired within the hands-free kit reception area, it is the one that was paired last that will be connected even if it is outside of the vehicle.

Why does my telephone disconnect and reconnect itself to the system from time to time when I am driving my vehicle?

Some telephones have standby or energy-saving functions that operate in Bluetooth mode. These functions may cause inadvertent disconnection when used with the multimedia system. For optimum and safe use of the multimedia system we advise you to deactivate these functions. For details on how to do this, please refer to the instructions manual for your telephone.

Why does my telephone request access authorisation from the system after every connection?

Some telephones require access authorisation to the contacts items stored on the telephone. The telephone will request this authorisation each time it connects to the system. Depending on your telephone, it may be possible to automate this access: please consult the instruction manual for your telephone.

When my vehicle stops, why do I lose the telephone call in progress on my telephone?

When stopping the multimedia system during a call in progress, CMLTB retains the active Bluetooth link for several seconds. After this short period of time (less than 10 seconds), some telephones request confirmation to continue the telephone call via their interface. If there is no response from the user, the telephone call in progress may be interrupted after a certain amount of time.

Why is my telephone unable to connect to the system after pairing?

Some telephones are unable to establish a connection to the multimedia system after pairing. In the event of this type of failure, it is advised not to restart the search for the system via the telephone and to restart the system which will then connect the telephone automatically.

Incoming and outgoing management

At the end of a call, why does the multimedia system not return to the previous setting (Radio, Navigation mode, etc.)?

On some first generation Bluetooth telephones, the hands-free telephone system is unable to automatically return to the previous setting at the end of the conversation due to there being no notification by the telephone that the call has ended. It is then necessary to manually hang up via the multimedia system.

Why am I unable to make a call for certain call list entries?

Some telephones do not transfer the international [+] codes in the call lists. In this case, it is recommended that you use the contacts and favourites on the system.

During an incoming call, why is my telephone ring tone not reproduced by the multimedia system?

For incoming calls and when not using the activated automatic call waiting function, some telephones (particularly in vibration or silent mode) may not transmit the ring tone to the multimedia system. A replacement ring tone is then played by the system, either automatically (CMLTB), or by adjustment (CNC).

Why do I hear the CMLTB system ring tone and then my telephone ring tone for an incoming call?

On some telephones there is a delay in transferring their ring tone to the CMLTB system when receiving an incoming call. To provide call tone notification and if no ring tone is sent by the telephone, the CMLTB system plays a generic ring tone and then switches over to the ring tone sent by the telephone.

During an incoming call, why does the multimedia system automatically hang up?

For incoming calls and when the automatic call waiting function is activated, the multimedia system automatically disconnects the call and sends the caller an audible message informing him of your driving situation. You are also alerted of this call waiting by a visual and audible message. To deactivate this function, please refer to the instruction manual.

Why am I sometimes unable to make a call using the hands-free telephony system, whereas I am able to receive calls?

Some telephones cannot make a call via the system if certain menus or functions are active: a menu (settings, contacts, etc.) or specific application (Wap, Games, etc.), locked keypad or after using DTMF codes (Dual Tone Modulation Frequency). These codes are used to control a voice server (a message system, for example). When using the hands-free kit with a connected telephone, it is advisable not to leave the telephone in the conditions mentioned above.

Data transfer from the telephone to the hands-free telephony system

Why do I have an empty contacts list on the vehicle system?

Some telephones do not allow the automatic transfer of contacts to the CMLTB system. If there is no automatic transfer of contacts from the telephone to the multimedia system (CNC or CMLTB), it is recommended that some or all contacts are manually transferred from the telephone to the system via the OPP function or "Send via Bluetooth" available on the telephone.

Why can't I send my contacts from the SIM card to the vehicle system via Bluetooth with my telephone?

Some telephones do not allow manual transfer of contacts from the SIM card. The solution is to recopy the contacts from the SIM card to the telephone memory to permit automatic or manual transfer of the contacts to the multimedia system.

Why can't I find certain contacts on my system when they are automatically transferred?

Some telephones partially transfer the contacts stored on the SIM card. The solution is to recopy the contacts from the SIM card to the telephone memory to permit automatic or manual transfer of all of the contacts to the multimedia system.

Why can't I manually transfer my contacts? The telephone states that the Bluetooth connection is already in use.

Some telephones require connection to the multimedia system before manually transferring the contacts via Bluetooth. In the case of the Carminat Navigation and Communication system, the multimedia system will automatically disconnect the telephone before transferring the contacts. In the case of CMLTB, the telephone must be disconnected from the CMLTB by the user or from the multimedia system.

Why do I have an empty list or a different call history list on the vehicle system compared to my telephone?

Some telephones do not allow the automatic transfer of a call history list to the CMLTB system. When using the system only outgoing, received and missed calls are stored.

Why does the call history list on the system appear in a different order to that on the telephone?

Upon first connection of the CMLTB some telephones transfer the call history list in reverse order. To correct this, as soon as a call is made or received using the telephone connected to the CMLTB, the system identifies the call list order and rearranges the order of the last call at the top of the list.

Why does my telephone disconnect after transferring the contacts?

Some telephones automatically disconnect after transferring the contact(s). In this case, the telephone will ask you again to confirm connection to the multimedia system.

Is the data transferred from my telephone to the system accessible to others?

The list of contacts on each telephone is retained in the memory by the hands-free telephony system. For reasons of confidentiality, each piece of downloaded data is only visible when the corresponding telephone is connected to the system. Deletion of data is done either by deleting the telephone from the paired list for CNC, or automatically when pairing a higher priority 6th telephone for CMLTB.

Why do some contacts appear several times in the list of contacts on the system?

Some telephones do not allow a single contact name linked to several telephone numbers to be transferred to CMLTB. If the category allocation is not working, CMLTB repeats the contact name for each related number.

Why do some contacts appear in the "OTHER" category?

Contact names contained in the telephone memory starting with a non-alphabetical character (space, ., ?, /....) will automatically be listed in the OTHER category of the CONTACTS menu of the CMLTB system. To be included in the contacts list, we advise you to delete any non-alphabetical characters at the start of a name.

Telephone Compatibility

Renault has tested the operational and acoustic compatibility of a large number of telephones on the market with its multimedia system. From these tests, we have produced a compatibility list, which gives advice of 'recommended' telephones that can be used with the Renault system. In particular, for the complete safe use of the more general features for example, availability of the automatic placement of a call on hold if there is an incoming call is an essential requirement. The presence of more comfort-related functions, like the transfer of telephone memories may vary from one telephone to another.


Some phones are not compatible with the hands-free system and do not enable you to use all of the available functions or do not provide the best sound quality. Check the list given below to see compatible phones.


To check out the list of compatible mobile telephones, select the type of system you want and then download the pdf to show which phones are compatible.

Note: The hands-free telephone system contributes towards reducing the risks of an accident, but does not eliminate these risks. For your safety, Renault recommends that you stop your vehicle when using the telephone as and when traffic conditions dictate that it is safe to do so.

Disclaimer: Several models of Bluetooth® telephones are commercially available. The sound and functional quality levels of the telephones displayed are based on tests carried out by Renault on models available at the time of the tests. RENAULT in no way guarantees the performance of the telephones which may vary according to upgrades or the operator services.
RENAULT uses the Bluetooth® HFP 1.0 standard however RENAULT cannot guarantee compatibility with all telephones on the market.


Further information, user manuals and videos about the operation of the Bluetooth® telephone system can be found in the model e-Handbook.


Click here to find the e-Handbooks


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