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R.S. 280R.S. 280R.S. TrophyR.S. TrophyR.S. Trophy-RR.S. Trophy-R

Petrol (4)

TCe 280Starting from
£28,995 *
TCe 280 Auto EDCStarting from
£30,495 *
TCe 300Starting from
£32,995 *
Starting from
£51,455.2 *
TCe 300 Auto EDCStarting from
£34,495 *

*MRRP excluding metallic paint.

Detailed specifications

performance - Fuel consumption :

Renault MEGANE R.S. in detail


Or have you considered:


MEGANEStarting from £18,995 *MEGANE Play TCe 140 MY18*MRRP excluding metallic paint.

MEGANE Sport Tourer

MEGANE Sport TourerStarting from £20,495 *MEGANE Sport Tourer Play TCe 140 MY18*MRRP excluding metallic paint.


All-New CAPTURStarting from £18,295 *All-New CAPTUR Play TCe 100*MRRP excluding metallic paint.

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