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*Model shown MASTER Panel Van Business+ with metallic paint from ยฃ26,470 (Basic price excluding VAT)

^Price excludes VAT and delivery charge

โ€ Official fuel consumption figures are produced for comparison purposes and are measured according to the European Regulation 692/2008 and may not reflect real life driving results. These figures are specific for a vehicle type and not for a single car. Real world fuel (actual) consumption can vary as the fuel efficiency of a vehicle is influenced by driving behaviour, weather and road conditions. The use of technical equipment for example air conditioning, can also effect the fuel consumption. For further information, please visit the Vehicle Certification Agency web site

**Payload equals the Maximum Operating Mass (Gross Vehicle Mass or GVW) less the Kerb Mass. Kerb Mass is the weight of the complete vehicle including coolant, oil, a 90% full fuel tank, a 100% full AdBlue tank, spare wheel and jack, but excluding driver and crew. All Kerb Masses, and therefore Payloads quoted are subject to a 5% manufacturing tolerance and are based on the base level model. Any additional equipment added (options or accessories), or the selection of a higher trim level, could result in a higher Kerb Mass and a reduced Payload, and may increase CO2 and decrease MPG figures.