E-Tech 100% electric technology

Pioneers of the electric vehicle, our engineers have developed class leading technology to electrify your daily life.

an expanding charging network

clean electric powertrain

Help lower noise and local air pollution with E-Tech technology. Charge at home or en route with renewable energy, and travel with zero emissions.


charging your 100% electric vehicle

driving reinvented

driving an electric car

Discover the joy of silent, vibration-free driving with electric technology developed from Renault expertise acquired over the last 10 years. 

discover what it’s like to drive electric

lower running costs

Z.E. electric car savings

Discover more about buying a Renault E-Tech. Say goodbye to oil changes, spark plugs and timing belts with a simplified but technologically advanced electric powertrain.

buying a 100% electric vehicle

the expertise behind electric technology

Range of Renault electric cars

why is the Renault Zoe E-Tech 100% electric Europe's best selling electric vehicle?

Electric is the focus of our strategies and innovations to combat the environmental challenges of our generation. With nearly 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling electric vehicles, we are equipped with all the tools to build the foundation for cleaner mobility. It's why Zoe E-Tech 100% electric is Europe's best selling vehicle (cumulative sales since 2010).


Today, our entire network is trained on the specifics of electric mobility to offer you an engine type that better meets your needs, as well as connected services to help you with the everyday use of your vehicle and to manage its driving range and charging. Experience electric!

E-Tech - More than technology, it’s a lifestyle

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how does e-tech technology work?


Under the bonnet, the combustion engine has been replaced with an electric motor, powered by advanced batteries, removing the noise and emissions of a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Both the Renault Zoe E-Tech 100% electric and the Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric also feature a range of connected services, allowing drivers to warm the car before use, manage charging and plan your routes.

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our 100% electric vehicles

MEGANE E-Tech 100% electric
starting from £34,495 *
MEGANE E-Tech 100% electric equilibre EV60 220hp optimum charge
*MRRP excluding metallic paint

100% electric

ZOE E-Tech 100% electric
starting from £31,195 *
ZOE E-Tech 100% electric Techno R135  EV 50 Boost Charge MY22.5
*MRRP excluding metallic paint. Stock units only available, version and colour limitations apply.

All New KANGOO E-Tech 100% electric
starting from £37,075 *
All New KANGOO E-Tech 100% electric ML19 E-Tech Advance RC Panel Van MY23.5
*Retail price after VAT and PiVG.

Efficient, adaptable and durable

starting from £45,915 *
MASTER E-TECH 100% ELECTRIC Chassis Cab FWD ML35 E-Tech 52kWh Start MY22
*Retail price after VAT and PiVG.

Zero emissions whilst driven

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Do you have unanswered questions about electric vehicles? That’s okay. We have all the answers here.