charge your vehicle easily wherever you are

Mobilize charge pass

limitless electric mobility

Charge your electric or plug-in hybrid Renault E-Tech easily and quickly during your journeys! Mobilize charge pass gives you access to 24,000 charge points in the UK and over 500,000 charge points across Europe.

My Renault Mobilize charge pass

find your charging point

Find public charging points and check their availability instantly from your My Renault app.

charging Renault E-Tech

charge your vehicle easily

Charge your Renault E-Tech with Mobilize charge pass. Personalise the display by selecting the available quick charging points compatible with your vehicle.

Mobilize charge pass

take advantage of special rates

Pay for your charging easily and securely. Choose which of the 2 Mobilize charge pass service plans suit you best: Basic or Intense and order your charge pass from the My Renault app.

travel without constraints

Mobilize charge pass charging point

view the map of charging points

With Mobilize charge pass, access the largest network in Europe. Charge your vehicle with peace of mind in 25 countries across Europe. With more locations coming soon! 


Find charging points easily on your map. From within your My Renault app, filter the results by charging power or by socket type and find charging points suitable for your vehicle.



Discover our plans

Use your electric vehicle anywhere in Europe, and charge where you want with Mobilize charge pass. 

Basic offer

FREE and no commitment required

Charge price/kWh or minute* available on your My Renault app


IONITY network: £0.78**/kWh


• In the event of loss or theft, card reissued for free through My Renault


Recommended for less than 850 miles/ year charged on the motorway.


Intense offer

£9.99**/MONTH, 1-year commitment

Charge price/kWh or minute* (9% automatic discount on Mobilize network partners vs Mobilize Basic***). Available on your My Renault app.


IONITY network: £0.43**/kWh



• In the event of loss or theft, card reissued for free through My Renault



Recommended for more than 850 miles/ year charged on the motorway.

Get the details of our rates and offers.

* Price according to charging station operator (excluding IONITY network). See My Renault app for more details.

** Prices in UK valid as of July 3rd, 2023 and subject to change. Prices may be adjusted depending on local currencies. 

*** Compared to the basic offer.

Mobilize charge pass: how does it work?

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login to the My Renault app

Enter your vehicle using the identification number (VIN) found on your Renault E-Tech’s registration V5 certificate. Then go to the “Mobilize charge pass” section within "my account".

already registered? Login to your account
Mobilize charge pass

have Mobilize charge pass delivered to your home

Order your Mobilize charge pass card in just a few clicks!


Enter your address and payment method. Your Mobilize charge pass is delivered straight to your door usually within 10 working days.

Mobilize charge pass

start enjoying the benefits in 5 steps

  1. Receive your Mobilize charge pass card.
  2. Go to the “my account” menu of your My Renault app.
  3. Click on “Mobilize charge pass"
  4. Enter the 12-digit code on the back of your Mobilize charge pass card.
  5. Finally, click "activate”*


You are now ready to charge your vehicle wherever the road takes you.*



*It may take up to 24 hours to activate your Mobilize charge pass.

MY Renault mobile app

let the system guide you

As you travel, easily find and access charging points compatible with your Renault E-Tech and charge pass.


On your My Renault app, filter the charging points by availability, socket type and power.

Renault Zoe Mobilize charge pass

no surprises!

Enjoy totally transparent rates and receive a receipt in your inbox after each charge.


Start and stop the charging point with your Mobilize charge pass card.

take My Renault with you everywhere! Download the mobile app

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