Vehicle MOT

Vehicle MOT

The MOT will ensure your vehicle complies with key safety and environmental requirements.

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Plan your Renault's MOT

An MOT is a legal requirement that checks your vehicle meets the road safety and environmental standards. Your vehicle will need an MOT on the third anniversary of its registration and then every year after that.


And of course, who better to MOT your Renault than Renault? And if you need some extra work done, we’ll take care of that to. Simple!

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Renault’s qualified technicians are specialised in all Renault models, and they have access to the latest diagnostic tools and equipment.

Legal compliance   

By getting your car checked and receiving a valid MOT certificate, you can ensure that you are compliant with the law  and avoid any legal penalities or fines



The MOT test is designed to check your car’s safety features, such as brakes, tyres, and lights. Getting your car tested can help you identify any safety issues and get them fixed, reducing the risk of accidents, and ensuring that you and your passengers are safe on the road


Environmental impact

If you own an internal combustion engine vehicle, during your MOT test your car’s emissions is checked to ensure that it meets minimum environmental standards. By making any necessary repairs, you can reduce your car’s impact on the environment and contribute to a cleaner, greener planet



Getting your car tested regularly can help you identify any maintenance issues and get the fixed before they become more significant and expensive problems


Resale value

Having  a valid MOT certificate can help you maintain or increase your car’s resale value.