E-TECH Plug-in: the hybrid that you plug in

The plug-in hybrid from Renault, the best of combustion and electric technology in one vehicle.

The Renault Plug-in Hybrid: electric on demand

Drive 100% electric

Drive 100% electric

Drive 100% electric – Press the EV mode button and enjoy fully electric driving for a distance of 30 miles (WLTP). The battery benefits from both regenerative braking, but can also be plugged in, just like a fully electric vehicle.

Discover how a plug-in hybrid works

Choose the driving mode that's right for you

Choose the driving mode that's right for you

Versatility is the watchword for Renault plug-in hybrid technology. For everyday trips, drive in full electric mode without burning fuel, and head off on longer trips without having to worry about the distance.

Explore the possibilities of driving a plug-in vehicle

Benefit from Renault electric expertise

Benefit from Renault electric expertise

Inspired by technology developed for F1, our hybrid technology includes more than 150 patents. This technology also draws on our expertise of 10 years of experience in electric vehicles, giving it the best that electric vehicles has to offer: driving pleasure and performance. 

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How do plug-in hybrid vehicles work?

Understand how drivers can benefit from combining a petrol engine with an electric motor and battery.

A battery with a driving range of up to 30 miles (WLTP) in full electric mode.


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All your questions on plug-in hybrid vehicles

Discover the joy and advantages of driving a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

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