Driving a plug-in hybrid vehicle

Discover the joy of driving a plug-in hybrid vehicle with an electric motor.

What are the differences between driving a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid?

Driving a rechargeable hybrid

it drives like an electric car!

The only difference in the E-TECH technologies between hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles is the battery size. The plug-in hybrid has a 9.8 kWh battery, compared with 1.2 kWh for a hybrid car. 

The higher capacity battery in the plug-in hybrid car can store more energy, allowing you to cover greater distances in full electric mode. To keep the battery charged, plug-in hybrid cars are equipped with the E-Save feature.


Can you drive long distances with a plug-in hybrid vehicle?

Rechargeable hybrid vehicle driving range

extended driving range

Plug-in hybrid vehicles provide greater driving range, so you can cover greater distances.

This is possible with the E-TECH technology, featuring two electric engines and a battery, in addition to the petrol engine.

The plug-in hybrid’s 9.8 kWh battery is bigger than the hybrid’s 1.2 kWh battery, providing significantly more energy. With a plug-in hybrid, you can drive up to 83 mph in full-electric mode over a distance of 30 miles (WLTP mixed cycle*).

Can a plug-in hybrid drive without petrol?

Although the start-up is ensured by the electric engines, a plug-in hybrid vehicle cannot run without petrol. The combustion engine must be fuelled with petrol in order for the vehicle to run properly.

What transmissions are available in the plug-in hybrid?

Two types of transmissions are available for plug-in hybrid vehicles: with two electric engines, a combustion engine and an electric battery, you can drive in full electric mode or use the hybrid transmission.


The electric engine is used exclusively during start-up and the vehicle switches to hybrid based on the driving conditions. In any case, the switch gives you the freedom to choose your preferred driving mode.


Does a plug-in hybrid offer a smoother drive?

The E-TECH powertrain was developed and patented by Renault engineering based on its experience with electric vehicle technology.
Its new generation 1.6 litre engine was improved and enhanced with two electric engines and an innovative multimode clutch-less gearbox.
This combo was designed with the aim of offering optimised, smoother gear changes, thus improving energy efficiency and providing a smoother ride.

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