electric vehicle charging, driving range and batteries

We answer all your questions about charging Renault electric vehicles and their driving range.

when do you charge an electric vehicle?

E-Tech battery

the lithium-ion battery by Renault

You can charge your Renault electric car any time!

In fact, the lithium-ion battery installed in all our electric vehicles has no memory effect and can be charged at any time, no matter how much driving range is left.

With this battery, you can even drive in temperatures ranging from -10 °C to 40 °C!

how do you charge an electric vehicle at home?

Charging the E-Tech battery

there are a whole range of options for recharging your electric vehicle at home.

You can charge your electric vehicle at home by installing a home charger.


All of our electric cars and vans will charge from 0-100% overnight from a 7kW charger, so enjoy your evening, go to bed and wake up to a fully charged Renault!


When you purchase your Renault E-Tech 100% electric, Mobilize Power Solutions can help you with installing your home charging solution.


Electric Charging time & range simulators

Use the charging time and range simulators to help you calculate your range and charging times

everything you need to know about a Renault electric vehicle's driving range

How can I manage my driving range?

We offer connected services that help you manage your driving range. You can also manage your driving range remotely with My Renault app you can check the charge level and driving range of your Renault E-Tech vehicle, its current progress when charging, and your recent charge history in real time no matter where you are.


Your driving style also has a direct impact on the driving range of your Renault E-Tech.

Here are a few simple tips to optimise your driving style:

  • keep your speed and accelerating down
  • adopt a more relaxed, smooth driving style
  • drive at a constant speed as much as possible:
  • adjust your speed by controlling your acceleration, including going downhill
  • think ahead
  • use the regenerative braking: when you need to stop the vehicle, first release the accelerator pedal to slow down, then brake the vehicle.

How can I check my driving range?

When you are behind the wheel of a Renault E-Tech., you can use the energy saver to check your current consumption in real time. The dashboard displays the remaining driving range, calculated based on the battery charge level and your average consumption.


You can also monitor your charge level and remaining driving range remotely from a computer or smartphone, via the My Renault app.

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How can I improve my driving range?

There are several ways you can maximise your range.


The most important factor is your driving style. To increase the driving range and make the most of regenerative braking, you should adopt eco-driving behaviour: think ahead, use the engine brake, drive sensibly, etc.

And you can turn on the ECO driving mode to improve the driving range even further. The power of the air conditioning or heating and the dynamic performance of your vehicle are reduced to maximise your range. 

locate electric charging points

You can also use the map within your My Renault app to locate charging points

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