Assistance & XTRA Assistance

Every new Renault comes with 3 years roadside assistance as standard. Renault Assistance is a vehicle-based membership, so it covers anyone driving your Renault with your permission.

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Renault Assistance

Call 0800 085 8005 for UK Renault assistance.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the UK: Renault Assistance services are available to you at no extra cost. Renault Assistance is there to provide you with:

- On-the-spot repairs wherever possible or tow you to the nearest Renault garage.

- Provide mobility solutions to enable you to either continue your journey or provide accommodation in the event of your vehicle being off the road.

Renault XTRA Assistance

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Renault XTRA Assistance

As a Renault driver, when your Assistance cover comes to an end you can renew with Renault Xtra Assistance

You can upgrade your Vehicle cover to Personal cover for £10 so you’re covered as a driver or passenger in any vehicle. Call 0330 159 0871 or visit today to choose your cover.


Which level of cover is right for you?   Price
Renault Xtra Assistance

We’ll rescue you at the roadside or at home, including a 10 mile tow to a garage.

Limited to 5 call outs per year

1 year £59

2 year £109

Renault Xtra Assistance Unlimited You’re covered wherever you break down with unlimited tow to anywhere in the UK, and unlimited call outs

1 year £69

2 year £129

Renault Xtra Assistance Premier You’re covered for a hire car or alternative transport to continue your journey or a hotel while your vehicle is being fixed 

1 year £99

2 year £159

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