How do I obtain the Radio Code for my Renault radio?

You may find your car's Radio Code printed on the inside front cover of your car's Maintenance Schedule Booklet, along with other information about your car, such as the VIN number. If you do not have this booklet you can also now order your Radio Code online. Please note that this will only work for the radio that was originally supplied with the car from new.

Radio Codes are also available through any Renault UK dealer. For security reasons your Renault Dealer will need to apply to the National Security register for your Radio Code. Your Renault Dealer will require your vehicle registration document and photographic proof of identity, such as a driving licence. Please note that there may be an application fee.Request Radio Code online

How do I enter my Radio Code?

How do I apply for a Certificate of Conformity (COC)?

If you need to import or export your Renault vehicle from or to the UK, you will require a Certificate of Conformity. You will require your vehicle registration document and photographic proof of identity. There may be a £100 fee for obtaining the certificate.

How do I obtain a replacement key for my Renault?

For security reasons, you will need to visit your local Renault dealer to order a replacement key for your Renault. Your Renault dealer will require your vehicle registration document and photographic proof of identity, such as a driving licence.

A single replacement key card will cost approximately £180; however, we have a double key offer meaning you can get a second key for an additional £50. So £230 for 2 key cards. For convenience and peace of mind we always recommend having 2 keys for your Renault.

Electric window problems on Mégane II or Scénic II

If one of your electric windows is currently not working on your Megane II or Scenic II and your car is less than 10 years old from date of registration, please contact your nearest Renault Dealer who can replace the window mechanism with a new one at a significantly reduced price.

If your car is over 10 years old, Renault UK will be unable to contribute towards the cost, however, your local Renault dealer can provide you with a quote for diagnosis and repair.

Braking from passenger footwell on Megane II (Registered before 2004), Scenic II and Kangoo II

Since a BBC Watchdog programme aired in May 2011, regarding braking issues from the passenger footwell involving several vehicle manufacturers, and including the Megane II (pre-2004) and Scenic II models, Renault has tested its full range for the same issue. The results have shown that the issue can apply to the Kangoo II model, however, we confirm this is not a safety issue. In addition, there have been no reported customer cases involving the Kangoo II car or van models in the UK. We have shared all of our findings with the independent vehicle inspectorate, VOSA, throughout our investigation and they agree with our course of action.

Whilst there is the potential of applying limited braking pressure from underneath the dashboard above the front passenger footwell in these models, it is not possible to apply sufficient force under normal conditions to either stop it abruptly or bring it to a complete stop. In the event of any form of pressure being applied, the vehicle's brake lights will illuminate warning other road users that the vehicle is braking.As a responsible manufacturer, Renault takes the safety of its customers, and all road users, extremely seriously. As a result of these findings, we have fully updated our dealership network on the vehicles concerned.

Whilst we do not consider this to be a safety-related incident, we do recognise that some customers may have concerns. To reassure you, we have produced a part which can be fitted to your vehicle upon request by a UK Renault dealer, free of charge. If you own a Scenic II, Megane II (pre-2004) or Kangoo II, and have any concerns, please contact your nearest Renault dealership for the latest information.

Clio II bonnet maintenance

Renault is aware that some customers have experienced the bonnet opening unexpectedly, whilst driving their Clio II.

We have investigated this issue in depth and have identified that incorrect maintenance of the opening and closing mechanisms of your vehicle’s bonnet, or the bonnet not being closed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, may lead to the bonnet opening whilst driving.

There is then the risk of damage to your vehicle and loss of visibility which may affect the safety of the vehicle’s occupants and others. There is a potential for serious personal injury.


Please note, it is the responsibility of the registered keeper to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy and that correct and regular maintenance is undertaken. Please also ensure that the person you appoint to complete your vehicle’s servicing, maintenance and MOT, correctly checks and maintains the bonnet opening and closing mechanisms.

Furthermore, a correctly maintained bonnet mechanism is a key element of your vehicle’s annual MOT and must be checked during this test. 


What must I do?

Please ensure that your bonnet mechanisms operate correctly and the bonnet is closed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

For information on how to maintain and close the bonnet correctly, consult your vehicle handbook.
See here to download the latest version of the Clio II handbook and to view a maintenance video concerning your bonnet mechanisms. 

Alternatively, contact your local Renault Dealer who can inspect (free of charge: check only) your vehicle’s bonnet mechanisms and advise of any necessary corrective work.

Media Nav Bluetooth music streaming

Why do I experience intermittent music skipping when streaming music via a Bluetooth connection from my smartphone/tablet to my Renault Media Nav?

Media Nav has the functionality to stream music wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection. However, if there is high demand on the Media Nav, for example Navigation, live maps, app use and streaming data rich music content, then the processor within the Media Nav unit cannot always successfully process all these activities quickly enough, resulting in the equivalent of ‘buffering’, which is what causes the music streaming via Bluetooth to intermittently skip.

In order to eliminate any music skipping, Renault recommends that you always connect your smartphone/tablet to your Media Nav using a USB lead. You will benefit from additional features: enhanced sound quality; additional functionality including playlist/album/song selection; album cover display; and charging of your smartphone/tablet.

To view the Media Nav e-guide, please click here

Or for Technical support please call our connected services team on: 0844 369 0000



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