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Optimise your fleet management

Renault CONNECT for Fleet

Renault EASY CONNECT Fleet

With Renault CONNECT for Fleet, the connected services ecosystem dedicated to fleets, Renault supports you in optimising your automotive fleet.

Use the telematics offered by Renault to connect your fleet and retrieve data such as mileage, mechanical alerts, driving behaviour, tracking your consumption, and the GPS positions of your vehicles.


Take action to reduce your expenses and administrative burden, protect your drivers and reduce your polluting emissions by optimising fuel consumption, the number of miles travelled and the number of active vehicles.

Facilitate your fleet management

Renault Fleet Management

Reduce your administrative burden

Renault EASY CONNECT Fleet

Optimise fleet usage costs

Renault EASY CONNECT Fleet

Improve the safety of your drivers and their data

Renault EASY CONNECT Fleet

Contribute to your environmental policy

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  • RCI Bank and Services myndfleet "turnkey" solution;
  • Kuantic ;
  • Mastenaut ;
  • Optimum Automotive ;
  • TomTom Telematics. 


To gain an overall view of your fleet activity, vehicles must be equipped with telematic units. Renault CONNECT for Fleet ensures secure and affordable connectivity. 


A new-generation web service, R.ACCESS enables remote vehicle control. You can even use your smartphone to open your car! Discover the full range of possibilities and the benefits of our R.ACCESS service.

Renault EASY CONNECT fleet for business

Familiar with the connected car?

R.Access is a technical service aimed at rental companies (short and long term) and car-sharers. It is a web-based service giving you remote control over the doors and immobiliser of a connected Renault vehicle. Ideal for offering 24/7 access to your vehicles


Simply integrate R.ACCESS into your management tool and create a user interface (website, smartphone application...) to give access to your vehicles.


For you fleet to be connected, your vehicles must be equipped at the point of order with the connected services pre-fitting option, or the R-LINK multimedia tablet and a hands-free card.

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