Our Visa Credit Card

Choose the Renault Visa Credit Card. Not only does it meet your financing requirements, but it is also a reliable means of payment that affords you a number of advantages...

Simplify your day-to-day payments!

A versatile means of payment

A versatile means of payment

The Renault Visa credit card can be used for:

- payments abroad. Thanks to the credit card and Visa networks, you can enjoy complete freedom in making cash or credit purchases at home or overseas.
exclusive services and advantages. You are able to access the Renault assistance and insurance services at any time, with preferential benefits.
reduced fees. Free of charge for the first year, it will cost you only €15 for each subsequent year.

An efficient means of payment

An efficient means of payment

Accepted throughout our entire network, the Renault Visa Credit Card can be used to pay for:

- your services, maintenance, repairs regardless of your vehicle make,
- Renault-derived products, accessories and spare parts,
- your subscription to the Renault Extended Warranty Contract and Maintenance Contract,
- vehicle leasing, etc.

Dealing with the unexpected? With your Renault Visa credit card, you have available revolving credit with a limit of between €800 and €5,500 at a variable annual percentage rate of charge (APR) of between 11.480% and 17.490%, i.e. variable interest rates of between 10.917% and 16.227%, excluding optional insurance (subject to lender acceptance). You may use it as you wish and it will not cost you anything if you do not use it.Example: When using your revolving credit for a €500 purchase made on 03/10/2013 with a cut-off date of the 3rd of the month, you will make 34 monthly repayments of €18 and one 35th adjusted repayment of €19.03, excluding optional insurance. Total repayment due €631.03. Variable Annual Percentage Rate of charge (APR) of 17.49%. Variable interest rate of 16.227%. Optional monthly insurance premium: 0.45% of the remaining balance. The initial, higher premium is €2.28. If insurance is taken out, you will make 35 monthly repayments of €19 and one final adjusted repayment of €19.44. BY TAKING OUT CREDIT YOU ARE COMMITTING TO REPAY. ENSURE THAT YOU CAN AFFORD REPAYMENTS PRIOR TO COMMITTING TO BORROW.

Offer reserved to adult private individuals residing in mainland France. The Renault Visa credit card is an optional universal payment card, to be used for cash and/or credit at the express choice of the customer, associated with an annually revolving credit with a Variable Annual Percentage Rate of charge (APR) of 11.480% to 17.490%, i.e. variable interest rates of 10.917%. to 16.227% excluding optional insurance. Scales and conditions in force as at 01/04/2013. Offer subject to acceptance by the lender DIAC S.A Financial and insurance intermediary company with a capital of €61,000,000 - Siren 702 002 221 RCS Bobigny – Orias N°07004966 (may be viewed at - Issuer RCI Banque SA with a capital of €100,000,000. SIREN 306 523 358. RCS Bobigny, 14 avenue du Pavé Neuf 93168 Noisy le Grand Cedex. You have the right to cancellation. You have the right to oppose without charge the use of your personal data for marketing purposes by addressing the consumer department at DIAC, Street du Bois Sauvage, 91038 EVRY Cedex. Annual fee of €15 for the card holder and €9.90 for additional card holders. Within the Renault network, you can choose to make cash payments or multiple credit payments. For Card purchases and withdrawals, you will be debited as cash by default. RCI Banque reserves the right to change or withdraw this service at any time in part or in full.We remind you that in accordance with the contractual provisions, management of the credit file is entrusted to our partner CA Consumer Financing, RCS Evry No. 542 097 522. We inform you that in order to provide this management service, the partner may call upon the following contracted service providers established in Casablanca, Morocco: UNIFITEL RC No. 166 137. This processing is subject to permission from the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties - CNIL).


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