Renault ZOE electric city car

driving range, battery & charging

calculate the driving range and charging time for your Zoe E-Tech 100% electric

Adjust the simulator settings to estimate Zoe's driving range under normal operating conditions. The result may be higher than its certification calculated using the WLTP protocol.

Adjust the settings and your target level to see how much charging time is needed for each type of charging point.

For a WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure) certified combined cycle driving range of up to 238 miles for the R135 motor, combined with a E.V..50 battery.

Your current driving

miles travelled per year: 10,000 mi

my estimated fuel consumption is: 49 mpg

fuel type

current fuel price: £1.4 /l

Your future electric vehicle

charging point type

electricity cost: £0.27 /kwh

Your annual fuel savings

Your annual fuel savings

£1,298.89estimated annual savings

Your vehicle
cost to cover the number of miles shown in the driving range for your current car:


a full charge (to cover miles given in the driving range) will cost:


Figures shown are estimates only and will vary depending on your personal circumstances and your electricity provider fees. Renault UK does not guarantee these results. Fuel price information is as follows: petrol & diesel from UK Government weekly road fuel prices; home charging from UK Government Quarterly energy prices, set at 30p/kWh as per price cap (Aug 23) and public & rapid charging from ZapMap price index. Last updated 19th Sep 2023. The battery capacity as well as the range used in the calculations are recovered automatically from the range simulator. Actual real-world driving results may vary depending on factors including weather conditions, driving styles, vehicle load or any accessories fitted after registration.

Charging your Zoe E-Tech 100% electric

All-new ZOE Wallbox home charger

At home

Home is the easiest and most probably the cheapest place to charge your Zoe E-Tech 100% electric. If you have a private driveway, you may be able to have a home wallbox installed. Zoe E-Tech 100% electric will charge from 0-100% in 9 hours and 25 minutes from a 7kW wall box, so enjoy your evening, go to bed and wake up to a fully charged Zoe E-Tech 100% electric!


Charging All-new ZOE at work

At work

A growing number of businesses are installing electric charging points for their employees. Top up your charge whilst you work, all ready for your journey back home!

All-new ZOE public charging station

In public

With over 9000 public charging locations, charging whilst you are out and about is easy! With ZOEs versatile Chameleon Charger™, charge from 3kW to 22kW wherever you are!

Charging All-new ZOE on the motorway

On the motorway

With the option of a 50kW DC CCS charging capability on boost charge versions, 30 minutes charging is all your Zoe E-Tech electric needs to recover up to 90 miles of driving range. Perfect time for a coffee!

Zoe charger

set up your home charging solution

When you purchase your vehicle, Mobilize power solutions helps you install a charging system at your home. Choose the system most suited to your vehicle and your electrical installation.

boost your driving range

Equipped with easy-to-use technologies, getting the most out of your Zoe E-Tech 100% electric is simple.


The eco-meter located on the right of your 10" driver's screen lets you see whether you are consuming or recovering energy. Manage your consumption in real time to help preserve your driving range.

ECO mode

ECO mode allows you to optimise energy consumption by taking control of some of the features that use a lot of energy that could be better used for preserving driving range - heating, air conditioning, acceleration, max. speed.

Climate control pre-conditioning

Preserve your driving range with pre-conditioning. Pre set the air conditioning or heating temperature of your Zoe so it is ready for you before you get in. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

journey planning made easy

With connected services and the availability of 50 kW DC CCS charging, longer journeys are no problem at all!

All-New ZOE MY Renault application

Manage your vehicle remotely

Use your My Renault app and remotely check the battery level, schedule charging during off-peak hours and plan your route, including stops at charging points. Find your route on Zoe E-Tech electric’s 9.3" screen.

All-New ZOE Z.E. Trip

Travel with peace of mind

Display the range area, find available charging points and also manage your route, dictate an SMS, or play your favourite music... Take advantage of the many features designed to assist you throughout your journey with the Renault easy link system.

Enjoy the versatility of different charging modes

The CCS Combo plug is conveniently located behind the diamond logo on your Zoe grille. You can plug in to any charging point in Europe.

locate charging points easily

Renault Zoe E-Tech 100% electric in detail

* Homologated range according to WLTP test cycle on Play R110, for comparison purposes, and may not reflect real life driving results. Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare figures with vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. The electric range shown achieved using the new (WLTP) test procedure. Figures obtained after the battery was fully charged. Actual real world driving results may vary depending on factors such as the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted after registration, weather conditions, driving styles and vehicle load. The homologated range according to WLTP test cycle for Iconic R110 and Iconic R135 is 239 miles and for GT Line R135 is 238 miles. Renault estimates average real world driving figures for this vehicle as 233 miles in summer and 150 miles in winter, depending on the factors above.


**8 year/100,000 mile traction battery warranty (whichever is reached first). For full Warranty Terms and Conditions please visit


^ Installation requirements and exclusions apply. Visit :

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