driving an E-Tech electric car

Learn more about driving an electric vehicle - the perfect mix between comfort, power and a smooth ride in any situation!

are electric vehicles difficult to drive?

Driving an electric car

the comfort of electric:

Benefit from the comfort of driving an electric vehicle with Renault E-Tech. Using no clutch or gears, driving is simple; and with no noisy engine, driving is a quieter, smoother and calmer experience.

are electric vehicles powerful?

The power of an electric car

instant torque

Our electric vehicles are designed to balance performance with comfort and range. With torque immediately available, acceleration is instant, providing a dynamic and engaging driving experience.

where can you drive an electric vehicle?

Driving an electric car on the road

Our electric vehicles have been engineered for optimum range with smooth body lines to reduce drag and a heat management system to improve battery efficiency. Driving style, weather and terrain can all impact the overall range, however our digital displays always keep drivers up to date with their range.

Driving an electric car in the city

Remove the stress of driving in urban traffic with an electric vehicle. With no engine vibration or noise, driving is a calmer experience, and drivers can also benefit from accessing low emission zones for free including London’s ULEZ. 


Pedestrians and residents also greatly benefit from reduced emissions and air pollution in the local environment. Switching to an electric vehicle helps keep people healthier and our environment cleaner.

Driving an electric car on the motorway

With a range of up to 245 miles, Renault ZOE drivers rarely have to plan ahead. However, for the very long trips, plan your journey via the Renault route planner. Stop off at the service station, plug in, have a coffee and carry on your journey.

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