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Simple and easy to charge!

Recharging your battery is no problem with TWIZY. There is no need for a specific wallbox installation as Renault TWIZY plugs into any domestic power socket and charges in just 3h30. You can monitor the status of the battery charge via the on-board computer.

Boost your driving range

Thanks to its easy-to-use technologies, you can easily preserve or even increase your driving range.

Energy recovery system

Energy recovery system

The automatic gearbox on your Renault TWIZY is connected to an energy recovery system. When you brake or lift your foot off the accelerator, you can help preserve or even increase your driving range.

Fuel saver

Fuel saver

With the fuel saver, you can control your energy consumption and find out your available driving range. You can also calculate your Eco-score and improve your eco-driving performance.

Renault TWIZY in detail

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*MRRP excluding metallic paint.
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