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4L history - Renault 4EVER TROPHY CONCEPT

new generation icon

The future electric Renault 4 will pay tribute to its iconic predecessor that sold 8 million units. Symbolising simplicity, agility, robustness - it is part luxurious and part adventurer…


To celebrate 4L Trophy’s 25th anniversary, 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept unveils its 100% electric version promising wildly exciting adventures. 

discover 4L’s history
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100 %


100 kW

of motor power

770 mm

off-road tyres

iconic design

ready to explore everything

From the end of the street to around the world, 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept is a show car used for many purposes. It includes everything daily adventurers and distance explorers could expect: simple shapes, rugged reliability, minimum maintenance, and an exhaust that gives zero noise and zero CO2 emissions!


Made to drive in harsh conditions but also to make weekends fun and environmentally friendly, 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept restyles the “historic” 4L’s personality and features, giving them a modern twist.

front grille and optics - Renault 4EVER TROPHY CONCEPT
front grille and optics
quarter panel - Renault 4EVER TROPHY CONCEPT
quarter panel
wheel arch - Renault 4EVER TROPHY CONCEPT
wheel arch
rear spoiler - Renault 4EVER TROPHY CONCEPT
4L Evolution Rallye inspired rear spoiler
vertical rear lights - Renault 4EVER TROPHY CONCEPT
vertical rear lights

new look


4EVER Trophy celebrates the public debut for its new body-colour at the 2023 Roland-Garros tournament in Paris. In addition to its iconic Ile-de-France Blue, fluorescent yellow accents on the roof straps, shock springs, and wheel emblems to heighten its sophisticated and tech-inspired design. An exciting homage to the iconic tennis balls of Roland-Garros.

spirit of exploration

vision of adventure - Renault 4EVER TROPHY CONCEPT

another vision of adventure

Renault 4 has helped adventurers explore the world for over 60 years. A pleasure for amateur and professional drivers, it also conveys the values of sharing and helping one another. 


4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept continues the tradition of open-mindedness, thirst for discovery and surpassing ourselves.

ready for any expedition

You can decide to travel very far or stay very close. Whatever you decide 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept hits the mark. You can relax wherever you go with its range of off-road equipment, tough roof rack, LED lights, tyre inflation levels that can be adjusted from the cabin, and even its shovel.

4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept - Renault
    • lighting signature
      lighting signature

      Innovative lighting signature for 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept - as if the front grille lights up with a piercing stare…

    • large wheels
      large wheels

      Oversized wheel rims are fitted with 770 mm tyres and automatic air pressure control making off-roading easy.

    • Bumpers and accessories
      Bumpers and accessories

      True bumpers to protect the bodywork from impacts.

    • roof rack
      roof rack

      It’s always reassuring to be able to take everything you need to drive independently: spare wheel, water tanks or extra equipment!

new era

100% electric - Renault 4EVER TROPHY CONCEPT

100% electric

4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept is ahead of the game on tomorrow’s vehicles with its front-positioned 100% electric motor and specially designed platform that absorbs impacts and vibrations (smart effect).


4 strengths coming together - savings, durability, respect and fun!

from concept to reality

key aspects - Renault 4EVER TROPHY CONCEPT

key aspects of the future Renault 4

Largely foreshadowing the future standard Renault 4 electric, 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept symbolises the future of mobility.


Agile, silent, environmentally friendly, driving just as well on tracks as on tarmac roads, it makes your trips simple, economical…and exciting!

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