Renault TREZOR Concept

Renault TREZOR Concept

Welcome to an exciting future! A 2-seater electric coupé, Renault TREZOR Concept is the beginning of a new cycle of concept cars and explores the styling and technology of future models. With its warm style and its services geared towards driving pleasure, this electric GT embodies our vision of future mobility and our passion for cars.

Renault TREZOR Concept on the road
Renault TREZOR Concept side view
Renault TREZOR Concept front end
Renault TREZOR Concept roof
Renault TREZOR Concept exterior design
Renault TREZOR Concept wheel rims
Renault TREZOR Concept rear view

Renault TREZOR Concept

Exterior design, the Renault style

Renault TREZOR Concept is part of Renault’s redesign across our whole range: simple, sensual and warm lines, distinctive front end, «C»-shaped signature lighting. Launched with Renault DEZIR Concept and embodied by New Renault CLIO, Renault TREZOR Concept represents the maturity of our brand's styling.

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Renault TREZOR Concept panoramic view

A design that draws on sports vehicle codes

On the bonnet, Renault TREZOR Concept has a honeycomb-shaped air inlet that recalls the rear bodywork structure. On the driver's side, the fuel flap has been replaced by an analogue gauge that indicates its charge level. At the rear, the fibre optic signature lighting incorporates a red laser light.

Renault TREZOR Concept

Interior design: authentic and modern

With its predominant red colour, the interior design of Renault TREZOR Concept is sensual and warm. It focuses on driving pleasure by using top-quality materials such as wood and leather. Combining craftsmanship and technology, the cockpit foreshadows the even sleeker, more stylish, more connected interiors of our future models.

Renault TREZOR Concept on-board access

Completely original access

A nod to classic racing cars, Renault TREZOR Concept invites you to step across its threshold and enter its passenger compartment. The sporty, sensual aspect of the vehicle's doors is emphasised by the red leather covering the upper pillar of the bodywork. The headrests automatically move back as if to invite you in.

Renault TREZOR Concept interior

The perfect marriage of wood, leather and technology

Surprise! Renault TREZOR Concept reveals a red wooden dashboard that incorporates a luggage compartment. Tailor-made trunks, held in place by leather straps, sit alongside deep red, smooth leather seats. The sleek line of the dashboard highlights a high-tech interior with a large touch screen. The rectangular steering wheel also has touch screens instead of the traditional controls.

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