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E-TECH: the hybrid adapted to all

All-New Hybrid engines in 2020

Bolstered by our electric expertise, from 2020 we will bring you a range of hybrid engines that you can choose across our models.

E-TECH hybrid

As pioneers of the electric vehicle, we have developed the innovative and exclusive E-TECH technology. Protected by 150 patents, it enabled us to develop two types of hybrid engines:


  • E-TECH: Hybrid
  • E-TECH Plug-in: Plug-in Hybrid


Our E-TECH technology brings you: 


  • maximum electric driving;
  • maximum driving enjoyment;
  • all of the adaptability of our flagship models starting with All-New CLIO and All-New CAPTUR.

E-TECH: the hybrid option

All-New Renault CLIO E-TECH: the combination of hybrid performance and adaptability of CLIO. (available in 2020)

80% electric driving

80% electric driving

Thanks to E-TECH technology, you can enjoy 80% of fully electric driving in the city and even benefit from 100% electric starting. 

40% reduction in fuel consumption

40% reduction in fuel consumption

Our E-TECH hybrid engine allows you to save 40% in fuel consumption compared to a fuel-powered vehicle on urban journeys.

Unparalleled reactivity in the segment

Unparalleled reactivity in the segment

Thanks to instant reactivity when starting and unrivalled acceleration in the segment, with the full advantage of Renault's electric expertise, our hybrid engines offer you unprecedented driving enjoyment. 

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Renault E-Tech

E-TECH Plug-in: the rechargeable hybrid


All-New CAPTUR E-TECH Plug-in demonstrates unprecedented versatility. This SUV allows you to drive without consuming fuel on everyday journeys and to go on long journeys without worrying about the driving range.


Equipped with the new E-TECH Plug-in engine, combining a petrol engine, two electric motors and a totally innovative gearbox, All-New CAPTUR E-TECH Plug-in uses technology that draws on our expertise in electric vehicles and Formula 1®.


E-Tech brings you optimised electric driving and maximum driving pleasure.

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