Electric driving in All New Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electricMAKE YOUR DAILY LIFE EASY IN AN ELECTRIC

Renault electric expertise

advanced electric technology

All the latest innovations are available on board Megane E-Tech 100% electric with the new CMF-EV platform. Sheer driving pleasure and efficiency await you, featuring:


  • a 60 kWh battery paired with a 220 horsepower electric motor.
  • Renault’s water-cooled thermal management technology and battery preheating during cold weather to prepare for charging.

redesigned interior space

Megane E-Tech 100% electric is designed for your comfort. Its 110 mm battery, the slimmest on the market, and its compact motor free up space in the front to accommodate 33L of storage and compartment space.


We have kept your rear-seat passengers in mind. The longer wheelbase and lack of mechanical elements (like a gearbox) create a flat floor and more comfortable leg room.

exhilarating drive

In addition to a new electric motor, Megane E-Tech 100% electric offers better weight distribution of the chassis and a low centre of gravity


Sail through landscapes in total electric silence. Enjoy dynamic, linear and powerful accelerations every time, free of jolts and vibration. Paddle shifters on the steering wheel control regenerative braking, taking your driving pleasure to the next level.


You readily have a wide range of customised offers at your disposal for charging at home, at work or on the road. Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric comes with a mode 3 type 2 cable that can be used on a domestic terminal or on a public charging station.

installation type charge power(2) recommended cable charge time(²)
60 kWh battery
30 miles 150 miles 270 miles 290 miles
home charger 7.4 kW mode 3 cable included with purchase 1 hr 5 hrs 9 hrs 15 9 hrs 15
domestic socket (3-pin plug)(1) 2.3 kW mode 2 “flexi-charger” cable in accessories 3 hrs 20 17 hrs 30 hrs 30 30 hrs 30
rapid public charging station 130 kW cable attached to station 7 min 25 min 1 hr 15 1 hr 15
public charging station 22 kW mode 3 cable included with purchase 20 min 1 hr 30 3 hrs 15 3 hrs 15

(1) recommended for occasional use only.
(2) maximum power and charging time based on moderate weather conditions (20 °C).

Times can vary based on battery capacity as start of charge.

battery and driving range

cables and stations

costs and maintenance

the electric lifestyle

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glossary of electric terms

AC charge

Alternating current charge at low or medium power (max. 43 kW). Charging mode most frequently used at home or on most public stations. 

DC charge

Rapid direct current charge (50 kW minimum). Needs a special rapid charge terminal, available only on the public network.

useful capacity

Quantity of energy contained in the battery that can be used by the vehicle. Value expressed in kilowatt hours (kWh).


Full electric, hybrid or plug-in
hybrid technology developed by Renault.

regenerative braking

 System that recovers energy on braking, helping to increase the vehicle’s driving range: whenever the vehicle slows down, some of its kinetic energy is converted to electricity. The battery charges when the driver takes his/her foot off the accelerator, or lightly presses the brake pedal.


Charging cable that lets you connect a car to a domestic power socket. Designed for occasional charging at home, the Flexi-Charger preferably connects to a power socket with a special ground connection.


Abbreviation of kilowatt. Unit of power that measures a vehicle engine or motor’s capacity, for electric or combustion engine. The kilowatt can also measure the direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) power.


Abbreviation of kilowatt hours. A unit of energy that indicates the energy capacity that a battery can provide to the motor in one hour of use. 

mode 2

For home use, you need this cable to charge
your electric vehicle on conventional sockets.

mode 3

You need this cable to charge
your electric vehicle on the domestic terminal
or on public facilities.